Isolation Platform from Timber Nation

If you need some maple isolation platforms or a equipment rack check out Timber Nation. Chris Futrick has made me a few platforms now.

Im just waiting on my custom brass rods to be machined, and will have a stackable rack.

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Ordered a pair of amp stands from him once and never received them. Luckily I was able to recoup my money via credit card chargeback. Glad to hear you had a better experience.
I ALSO sent two detailed letters to them asking if they could build a media rack to order (for DVD's- i have limited space for a store-bought model). i gave the number of shelves, height, width, and asked if they would be interested in manufacturing it- no hurry, just could they do it. no response. at least say "no thanks" or "not at this time", but i got nothing from them. i sure like their equipment racks, though. but i also like the SAMSON racks from Mapleshade. very expensive but i am sure they would try to respond.
I too had an issue. I ended up purchasing some 1 3/4" laminated maple work bench material from Grizzly Industrial and cut my own.
Their wood platforms are fine for what they are, but don't call them "isolation platforms" because they aren't. A wood platform is basically a tuning device that affects the sound of whatever is on it, for better or worse. I used my 3" maple platform from Timbernation for a while as a turntable mounting platform and as an amp stand, but eventually concluded it was just too colored. That's not a knock on Timbernation, it just reflects the nature of the product. It will work fine for some people in some applications, but not so well for others.
how long ago did any of you have these problems?
I am currently considering using him to build a rack
thank you
I ordered a custom rack from Timber Nation in late Sept. 2011. The unit arrived in California in under two weeks, was extremely well packed and was just perfect. Chris communicated with me by phone and email (as often as was necessary) during the process.

I would order from him again in a heartbeat.
They may be attractive and solid platforms, but for proper isolation, get something designed for lab equipment like a Vibraplane. These wooden shelves tune and alter the sound, in my experience.
Vibraplane was the first or maybe second audiophile grade isolation device, that was around 15 years ago and prompted the landmark Bad Vibes article in Sterophile by Shannon Dickson. Possibly the Seismic Sink was first. Since then there has been a plethora of interesting isolation devices introduced into the audiophile market, including Relaxa magnetic levitation, Mana, Halcyonics, Minus K negative stiffness device, Silent Running, all manner of roller bearing assemblies, Bright Star and similar air bladder systems, Vibrapods, Gingko, not to mention all the DIY devices like bicycle inner tubes, bungee cords, tennis balls, etc.
I have two Timber Nation platforms that work very good on the carpet under my mono blocks.

You have to look at the source of vibration, is it from up the floor, inside the component, or from a direct path (through the air) from the speaker? Different solutions for each source.

Most all turntable vibration is through the air directly from the speakers, and best addressed by a sound barrier (wall) between the speakers and turntable!