It has returned

Finally got my Pioneer PL-630 back. Took it in for service in Oct. 2019.  Then Covid hit and NV locked down. Store closed. Phone goes to answering machine. Yelp site had a note that store was opening 12/31/20. Went to store. Not open. Finally sent a registered letter to the store. Got a call the next day. He started working on it. Sent me videos of it working. Picked it up yesterday. Real drug deal type thing. Open my rear door. He put it into the vehicle. I gave him an envelope with the money. All while we have masks on. 😀

Now that it is back I need a cartridge. My amp needs a MM cartridge. After reading things here I think I should get a Shibata stylus. Price range is around $500. And I will need setup tools.
I recently purchased three new phono cartridges and of the three I found the Audio Technica - VM760SLC Dual MM Phono Cartridge at $650 is truly an awesome cartridge.    Detail, clarity, image, smoothness, articulate highs without hardness, truly an amazing device.   
I have the $400 version of the above. Totally enough for your budget. VM750SH. You could even go down to the 740ML for $250 and be happy.
Oh, and what hardware will I need to mount the cart?  Don’t remember fancy stuff back in the 80s.
They come with the bolts. Jewellers' screwdriver. You'll need a needle-nose pliers and a steady hand to fit the headshell wires.
I was talking about alignment protractor, azimuth gauge and stylus force scale.  Or is that overkill?
Have you thought of a MI cartridge, I picked up a Soundsmith Carmen 2 with about 40 hrs on it for a bit overv$500. Grado also makes great MI cartridges same loading as mm.
I was talking about alignment protractor, azimuth gauge and stylus force scale.  Or is that overkill?
Stylus force gauge is pretty important - get one of those. Alignment protractor is also very helpful. You can find free ones online that you can print out. Watch a few videos on setup. After years of it, I can do it by eye!
Well, I bought a 
Hudson Hi-Fi Turntable Cartridge Alignment Protractor Mat
VTA Azimuth Gauge Alignment Block
Neoteck Digital Turntable Stylus Force Scale

I need to read up usage.

My only nod to esoteric hardware is a Record Weight 504g. Figured, what the heck. 😊