It's 2008

The audio powers that be have announced a new product geared for audiophiles. Amazingly it is a product that you have been waiting for for ever and almost had given up hope ever seeing.
WHAT IS IT????????????????
The component that lets you 'listen through' the system to the experience of the original performance and the venue and forget about the elusive but worthy goal...

Brian Walsh
A remote controlled, low-profile, moving platform for positioning speakers. Very granular control side-to-side and front-to-back, with memory presets. Probably a rental.

Also, a tonearm with remote controlled VTA.
A $50,000 adamantine power cord. It comes complete with an 8lb solid aluminum remote control that has buttons labeled, "inner detail", "resolving power" and "noise floor". These buttons do nothing because the remote is completely solid, but reports abound that the "build quality is fantastic". The same cord can be had without remote for $99.95. Despite the fact that the cord is perfectly straight and incapable of being bent, Stereophile placed the $50,000 version on it's AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA list declaring it, "The best deal in audio today. Hooked up to your MF A3.2 power amplifier, this power cord will instantly transport you to the musical event and make your A3.2 sound almost as good as the MF A308."

It is rumored that, in 2009, a $100,000 power cord will be available that is covered in blue LEDs. Unfortunately, no power ever reaches the components because of the sheer number of LEDs, but, further solidifying this cable company's presence in the audiophile world, build quality is, reportedly, "fantastic".
I have another: a safe, accelerated method for breaking in loudspeakers. I'm thinking some way to get 4 hours effective for 1 actual hour (of approrpriate high volume music), something along those lines.
Each wall in my house could be a Planar speaker and each floor in every room could be the sub woofer and for kicks in new home construction this could be yours for $19.95 per room as an option.