Jackson Browne Solo Acoustic

I just received the new Jackson Browne CD, "Solo Acoustic".

I will admit my biases up front:

a. I love Jackson's book of work;
b. I love solo acoustic performance.

It is a terrific release. I listened to it casually this afternoon and sounds like it is very well recorded and engineered. (Doug Sax did the mastering ).

A mixture of the older stuff and newer stuff. Still in good voice.


Richard bischoff
I was lucky enough last year to have front row seats at Foxwoods for one of these shows, and yes he was terrific. I am looking forward to my copy of this cd I listened to the clips on his website and ordered one it should be here Friday I can't wait
Jackson Browne is one of my favorite artists of all time. I was fortunate to see him at Red Rocks a couple of summers ago and he was fabulous! His work as a singer and songwriter seems to have never missed a beat, (pun intended) :-)

Speaking of Jackson Browne, a few years ago I saw him in a benefit concert in a small venue with Bonnie Raitt and Keb Mo'. He was on stage doing some solo pickin' when he starts tuning up his electric guitar to do some slide work. His back was to the audience, fiddling with the guitar. He suddenly turns around with a sly grin on his face and says, "I know what you're thinking.... you're thinking what the hell am I doing trying to play slide guitar when Bonnie and Keb are backstage." Then he starts to play, and about thirty seconds into the song, he stops, goes to the mike, and says "Hey Bonnie, get out here and bail me out." So Bonnie came on and they played a duet, with Bonnie playing the slide part.

It was a great moment...seeing his humor, and acknowledging that his blues/slide guitar takes a back seat to Bonnie and Keb.
Jackson Browne was my first live concert I attended at the age of 16. I'll never forget it. I was not aware of this new release, thanks for starting this thread Rb, I will pick it up soon.
One of the greatest songwriters of our time. And then he adds his talent as a performer. What a living legend!
I saw Jackson play acoustic in a small hall 2 or 3 years ago. Thanks for letting me know about the acoustic disc. This should very special.
I saw him years ago when he had David Lindley in the band (shit, could that guy play slide!). He put on a trememndous show, as I remember. I like his early stuff best, but of his more recent records, I dig "I'm Alive." He seems to be returning to the sound that made him famous--which is welcome, after trend-following albums like "Lawyers in Love." I haven't listened to "Acoustic" yet, but I may have to pop it in tonight.
Agreed about this being a good album. My only small complaint is that I think the introductions may start to wear thin after many repeated listenings. Mofimadness, I think I was at that same Red Rocks show and it was excellent-I thought some of the solo stuff he did on piano that night was the highlight of the concert--which makes this album so nice to have.

Thank you for pointing out this CD, it is unbelievable. Only half way through(on track 9 right now) and it has to be in the top five of my favorites. Just a really moving cd. This is what this hobby is all about.

Absolutley agree, I turned the lights out the other night and listened late into the evening, my kind of music, really takes me back. I hope the "Volume 1" means there are more to come.
I am glad everyone enjoyed the album.

I have seen Jackson live Four times.

The first time was on the Running On Empty Tour and that particular band was at its height of power and precision. Amazing show that is still in my Top Five after all of these years.

The second time was in Austin during the Hold On tour and ranks as one of the worst performances by any band in my life. They opened with the fuse and the musicians were not even in tune. Not a great night.

The third time was on the World in Motion album with David Lindley opening. The performance wasn't much to talk about until Lindley came out and they did (with one other guitarist) just a great short acoustic set. Made the rest of the performance just stand out in its mediocrity.

The last time was on the I'm Alive tour and it was a wonderful performance. The band wasn't as talented as the Running On Empty bunch but just a great night.

Richard Bischoff