Jay's Audio CD Transport Repair

Hello Audigoners, I have the above transport that has started making a grinding sound and not playing disc's.  Do u know of any USA repair sires for this transport?  Thanks in advance.

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The Jay’s CDT2-MK3 uses the Phillips CDM4/19 disc drive. I’ve "heard" that you can easily DIY repair this. There are some available online. I found this one on AliExpress. I’ve had pretty good luck ordering stuff like this from China on AliExpress. It only takes a week or so to receive the items. I wouldn’t spend thousands on AliExpress, but $60 should be fine.


Here's one on eBay in the UK for $167 as well:


There’s even a YouTube video where a guy rebuilds the motor in one of thse.

I think Jay’s sells the drive too.

Thanks @thyname ​​​​@creativepart ! Not sure I understand the question from @bolong , however, if the question is about the model, it is not what u posted.

Do let the outcome of your unfortunate need to receive a repair be made known.

Models from this brand are highly recommended and appear in numerous threads as a go to device.

Hello Jaymark. Do you have a CDT2 mk2 or mk3? Or a CDT3? Did you check that the laser lens is not obstructed by debris perhaps? Try a power cycle? TK

@pindac not sure I understand your comment.  I asked the question about where to get a repair done because I need this information.  This is the best CD transport I have had including the highly acclaimed Pro-ject top loader.  Asking my question is not trashing the transport or the seller.  My gawd...



Put it in standby with the remote then power it down with the switch on the back and pull the power cord.  Give it about a half power then power it back up.  If it's the drive in that unit it is user replaceable and there was a video on how to do it. If you haven't try reaching out to Todd directly and not through this forum.

Yes, by power cycle I mean an AC power off/ back on event; the intent is to reset any logic that may have strayed off into the weeds. Sometimes a power brown out can upset control logic, for example. Jaymark is discussing with us now privately. We'll get him taken care of :) Thanks, TK TEKAudioSpecialties.com

@jaymark Your response is quite tetchy, especially as a being reactive to a genuine inquiry.

Jay's Audio is off interest to me, I have a opportunity to demo' these not too far from my home.

A support with a repair has to be something worthwhile sharing about.

I have read many positive reviews on Jay Audio CD players and

thought highly of them. However if the owner is not returning calls

about where to get service I would drop them from any future consideration.

Apparently reading comprehension is not a strong suit because if it was you would know that once the OP made contact with where he was directed to in the very first post his problem is being resolved outside of this forum. 

@pindac let’s just call it a day. Your original response to my post and your subsequent response are hard to get my head around; as much as I would appreciate a response from the seller, knowing who to contact here in the states is comforting and of all the things for me to be upset about this won’t be one of them

@tekaudiospecialties1 @jackd thanks for the response. It will be a couple of weeks before i get to the lakehouse again but when i do i will follow your instructions. If this does not fix things then I will be back in touch

Again, many thanks to all of u have replied to this post

@jaymark A day is called, as per your wish.

To give myself some credit, a search will show I have expressed interest in Jay's Audio in other threads, as an alternative to an already owned Transport.

@creativepart is there a video for showing how to replace the Jays audio disc drive?  I tried everything suggested above but it did not fix the problem.  Thanks.

@creativepart I found a video instructing on how to do this.  Looks fairly straightforward.  I am gonna give it a shot!