Jazz station recommendations, please.

Can anyone recommend real good jazz stations that broadcast over the internet? No "smooth" jazz, please.
http://www.wrti.org in Philadelphia beginning at 6:00 p.m. each evening; classical during the daytime, jazz at night. They post their playlist on their website.
KJZZ from Long Beach California. www.jazzandblues.org Great non commercial jazz from California State Long Beach.


It's funny you mention RTI; it's the station I listened to throughout college in Philly and it turned me into a jazz freak. Weekend mornings they used to also play Reggae and Latin.

I already added the other two to my favorites. Thanks,
www.kcsm.org This is the best jazz station in the country by far! 24 hours of commercial free jazz from the San Francisco Bay Area, with all blues on Friday nights. I think it's Broadband or T1. Check it out!
hello Easy E,check out ,www.wmnf.org, they have really good jazz programs 3 nites a week i think, thier schedule is on thier website,they also play all kinds of other music,right now its tom hendersons bluegrass show!dont think ive ever heard them play any smooth jazz! thanks to all the sugg. above
I'm with Mijknarf. KPLU, Pacific Lutheran University is great. You won't here Kenny G there.

I didn't realize they were available through the 'net. Thanks.
I second KCSM.org. They're the spiritual heirs to SF's late, lamented KJAZ and apparently inherited a lot of KJAZ's music.
Have to second KCSM. The great thing about this station is that the DJ's are the most knowledgeable you'll ever hear, and each one has his or her own 'style.' It's a true to joy to listen and learn about this music this way!
I prefer Columbia University's WKCR (89.9) over Newark's WBGO. WKCR is not 100% jazz but primarily so. If you like modern to avant-garde, then it's the place to be. There's also Phil Schapp's morning "Birdflight" show and his weekend "Traditions in Swing".
Check it out!
Try www.jazz88fm.com. It's a public radio station run by the Minneapolis school district. They play jazz exclusively except for the occassional school board meeting (DULL) and blue grass on Saturday mornings. My favorite program is Jazz With Bob Parlocha.