JL Audio F112 v2 subwoofer - worth the price?

I am looking to purchase a somewhat compact sub (max width ~15 inches) for my den (dimensions 17' x 11'). My speakers are centered along the longer wall. The sub will be paired with Buchardt S400s powered by 2 Schiit Aegir amps running in monoblock configuration. The JL F112v2 has piqued my interest. Seems like a compelling option given its reputation for musicality, coupled with highly-regarded EQ. It will also fit my size requirements. The price is quite daunting though, but doable if I buy pre-owned. Are there any more wallet-friendly options out there that could match (or possibly exceed) the performance of the F112 for music (I care much more about music than HT). I think EQ is a must, either as a separate component or built into the sub.
I have two of them in a 14 x 18 room set up towards the corners and I can tell you the sound is amazing. IHMO they are well worth the price.  I bought mine used. In the past I had Rel and Velodyne subs and I think the JL’a just sounded so much better to my ears. 
How do you set up equalization with two or more JL F112s given each unit has its own equalization?
It comes down to your room, equipment, and preferences. e.g. michaela posted: " I had Rel and Velodyne subs and I think the JL’a just sounded so much better to my ears." I just went from a JL Audio F112 v2 to a REL Carbon Limited. My system sounds better with the REL Carbon Limited...the sub completely disappears and the bass is more defined. The most significant impact gained from adding the REL is an improvement in overall detail, improved soundstage and air around the performers. That being said, I prefer the JL Audio for HT, but my REL for 2-channel.
I own (4) F-113's. 3 One of them is the V2 version and it does seem to be a little more powerful than the original version.

You use the calibration mic on each front sub first. (left then right or vise a versa) MY front subs are connected to the rear subs set as slaves to the front. They all blend in so well its hard to tell that the deep bass isn't coming from my main speakers. 
To me, many subs just sound deep but boomy. Not so with the JL's with bass tone to feel and hear.
Sorry, I have never used the REL to compare.

dbphd, you just run the subs independently and set them up independently. I use JL Audio subs exclusively when I set up systems for people and have had no problems integrating them into a number of different situations. I set up 2 F112 v2's for a fellow with older Watt Puppies and several pairs of F113's with Magnepans. They are as well or better constructed than any other commercially available sub in my experience. I have seen several v1 subs get into trouble but JL dealt with them appropriately. All of the v2 subs have been great. As an example of their build quality you will notice that the corners of the enclosure have been radius-ed. This is nice in a lacquered unit because sharp corners are much easier to damage and have the lacquer flake off. They also use a polyester lacquer which is tougher than standard catalyzed lacquer but a lot more expensive to apply. The F113 is $1000 more expensive than the F112 and I think worth it. In both cases make sure you get a v2 unit not a v1! 
+1 on the F112 v2.  Incredible integration with the EQ, which is very straightforward to use and update whenever necessary.  Agree, it disappears and adds layers and texture to the bass.  Moved from a REL B3 (which is now relatively old) and had not realized what I was missing.  That said, I wish the crossover wasn't on a slide dial but had rigid increments to do easier comparisons.  Also, lowest crossover is roughly 27/28Hz based on the dial.  Have not heard the REL carbon limited...
I have been buying equipment for years .the Best Buy in all of Subs in the New SVS Sb-3000. No sub even at 2 x the price has all these technologies.
it has a 50 bit processor, split shaft voice coil ,13 inch driver
800 watt,with mosfet high current bash amp 2500 watts peak
and controlled by a good app for $995  it sounds tunefull even at low volume ,and goes down to 18 HZ , it is subwoofer of the year 
true Audiophile Bass.
   The F112 is a quality potent subwoofer regardless of what your using it for. It can act as a master if you decide to ad another sub such as their more economical E series. 
  At this level I strongly suggest you investigate as many subs with DSP and read their setup instructions. In the case of the F series reading their CR-1 Crossover setup instructions as a partial tutorial on using a higher crossover point.
   More often than not they may not allow manual equalization after the auto-equalization has been performed. Nor do they measure the lower end of your main speakers. This is particularly important to perform detailed crossover adjustments.
   If DSP seems overwhelming don't give up on it. The more detailed simply translates into the more flexible it will be regardless of the future of your main speakers. 

   This product is no longer produced. These manuals describe a formidable DSP but they fell a bit short on explanation. The user could design an elegant crossover by using the adjustable Q and Filter Parameters to closely match the main speakers presentation near 100Hz using very low gain until the mains begin to drop off. Followed by a number of different EQs set to memory.



   There isn't much discussion regarding subwoofer crossover. If you haven't heard it done well then you simply don't know whats missing. The October 2019 issue of the absolute sound review of the Von Schweikert Ultra 9 by Greg Weaver and his impression of the speakers proprietary crossover design and function. It appears there's a great deal of potential improvement to be made. 

   Paradigm subwoofers use Anthem Room Correction which might be worth a peak. One last warning, an iPhone is not a calibrated microphone. Good luck with your outcome.