Jo No. 5 mounting problem

  I bought an EAT Jo No.5 and have been unable to mount it on my SME IV.5.  There is an inclined stiffening ridge on the underside of the headshell that prevents me from lining up the mounting holes.  Yet Ken Kessler, when reviewing the cartridge, mounted it on an SME V without mentioning any difficulty.  Has anyone here tried using a A Jo No.5 on an SME arm?

Hi Bill, i too saw the Ken Kessler review and thought there wouldnt be an issue fitting this cartridge to an SME IV.  Can you tell me whether you have sorted this out.

Hi all — I realize this is a 4.5 year old thread but wanted to offer my experience trying to fit an EAT Jo No 8 to an SME V.  I believe the dimensions for the No 5 and No 8 are close if not the same.  The No 8 did not fit flush for me.  So, I had to return the cartridge.  

Hopefully this helps others as there seems to be limited, but conflicting, information out there relative to this cartridge and tonearm.