TV Mounting Dilemma

Hi All-  I'm looking to mount 3 Panasonic TC-P65VT60 Plasmas left to right on an  basement wall (outside wall, drywall w concrete block behind). I have 3 Sanus BLF-213 full motion mounts, as these are the only units I can find that support the oddly wide VESA pattern of the Pannys. the TVs weigh about 100 lbs each, and the mount is about 55 lbs (crazy I know) . The issue I have is the studs in the basement wall are turned sideways, meaning behind the dry wall there is only .75" or so of depth, then there is concrete block (appears they may not have even used 2X4s) . I called SANUS and they don't support an install of this type as they say it has to go either through 3.5" of wood, or directly into the concrete/ brick. Given the weight of the TVs and mount, I'm unsure of the best path forward, or whether any companies who make mounts support these types of installs. I don't plan to pull the middle tv off the wall pretty much ever, and the side TVs would only be pulled out occasionally for certain situations, so the extra forces pull down should be pretty minimal. I'm wondering if it's possible to drill through the 1.5 inches of wood and into the concrete block, and install some kind of hybrid? I think straight downward force would probably be ok but still concerned whether when pulling out or turning the TV that could potentially be dangerous.

Does anyone have experience with these types of situations, or know a company whose mounts support this type of install?


Tapcon concrete screws. 1/4 " x 2 3/4 . hex head or flat head, whichever suits the bracket (probably hex head.) You won’t need longer than 2 3/4 because you will likely hit a block core.. Go through the wood into the block wall. Drill hole straight through wood & into block wall. Also, get an extra drill bit. A regular drill will work but a hammer drill is better. FWIW I have 45-50 yrs of building and woodworking. now retired

Also, I would refrain from pulling the TV very far from the wall. Doing so, makes the tv and arms great levers which want to pull the screws out of the wall. keeping the TV against the wall as much as possible make the weight pull straight down without trying to pull from the wall. Also get a 5/16 or 3/8 inch tapcon if available. But a hammer drill is advisable for this



The way I’ve done it for securing heavy items to basement walls is to mount a piece of plywood on the sheetrock using concrete anchor bolts. Then screw the TV mounting device to the plywood. You’ll need a hammer drill and concrete bit. This way, you will be able to make precise measurements on the plywood rather than trying to line up TV bracket screws in concrete.

Plasma? Why not plain old CRT?   As soon as you get them up they are likely to quit. Obsolete technology.

AND they suck enough juice to buy OLED instead.