Joanna Newsom: Ys or No?

Ys I read about the Van Dyke Parks credits & Stereophile's Pick-of-Month review & other press to the effect that this album succeeds against all odds as a work of genius. I'm no philistine, but while listening to sound bytes at Barnes & Noble, I flashed back to Bluto at the Animal House toga party smashing that folkie's guitar to bits on the staircase. Has anybody fully digested this album without the impulse to murder/suicide?
I realy enjoy this album, i can listen to her anytime of the day without wanting to murder/ commit suicide. Though I can see how someone might want to take her harp and give it a ye olde chuck into the grand canyon. The way she pronounces words and changes pitch might just drill into someones brain and cause a seizure but i find it relaxing as well as intriguing. Im a fan of Bjork as well and find their style, vocally that is, similiar. I also like the fact how she is telling a story instead of just repeat chorus here and there etc. As for a work of genius? hmmm, dont know about that but it is a very original peice of work to me. What it comes down to-if you dont like it, dont listen to it. Who knows maybe it will grow on you.
I was quite looking forward to this much heralded album and then got a track on a free CD.

Really didn't do it for me....sorely disappointed.
this album has been the number one pick as album of the year for 2006 in at least ten different sources so I bought it and wish I had saved my money. I do like the music but her voice is unbearable for me...

btw I prefer Bjork's singing voice
That album still has me thinking wtf? The music is wonderful in many spots, but her vocals are the sonic equivalent of being autopsied while living.

I just can't take it.

Anyone who want an as new copy, email me and you can have it for $5.00.
I love "The Milk-eyed Mender" and had high hopes for this release too, but have thus far been disappointed. I usually give music many listens to give it a chance to connect, but I seem to have a low threshold for this one...I've been listening to over the past two months since its release and it still hasn't sparked any fires for me. I took an immediate likeing to 'Mender', on the other hand. I actually like her voice, but I'm a bit odd that way. It surely is an acquired taste, and not for everyone. Not fond of the lengthy stream-of-consciousness style on Y's. I do very much enjoy her lyrics, especially on 'Mender'. Y's seems to lend itself more to background music, as it's more of a lyrical landscape, where 'Mender' is more conventional compositions. As far as the reviewer's praise; opinions are like assholes: everyone's got one. If you are really turned off by her vocals on Y's, don't bother with 'Mender', but if you are intrigued, but not engaged, by Y's, definitely give 'Mender' a listen. No doubt about it, she's a very talented writer and musician. I'll continue to give Y's a chance as it does have its moments.

I should add this is the first time i have heard Joanna Newsoms work. I have been meaning to purchase more of her music. Have any of you heard her other work in the band "The Pleased"? I was thinking about trying them as well.
YAWN! I didn't get it at all. Hardly a change in any song in music texture and a voice that does nothing at all.
I just bought it, never heard her music before. I really liked it, very different, strange, yet musical. I appreciated the uniqueness of it. To much music today sounds all the same.
Quick thanks to Dan for his donation of this disc to a poor Music Lover! It is errrr' Unique.

Your still with us, nice to hear your urges to commit suicide passed. : ) So why Ys!!!!!?
I think Janyusay's demonstration of childlike enchantment is just what's needed from the listener to appreciate this record. In a similar way I recall the wonder my four year old experienced dancing to George Harrison's "Crackerbox Palace." Personally I prefer pretty much anything else Harrison ever did, but once and awhile a piece of music passes under the wire of the critical faculties & perhaps "Ys" does it too. However there's a fine line between the sublime & the ridiculous. For example, Jane Siberry did a beautiful stretch on "When I was a Boy," only to drive off the cliff into silliness in her next album, "Maria." Another one in this category is Scott Walker's "The Drift", which I think succeeds mightiy as art, but which like Joyce's "Finnigan's Wake" makes a difficult read & there are probably only a few diehards who make it to the end.
As a musician, she is an excellent poet. Her music has't grown on me yet, but her lyrics can stand by themselves.
I should qualify what I wrote above. It is Newsome's music, not her musicianship, that I have trouble with. What I said about her lyrics still stands.
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