Joe Bonamassa Any suggestion's?

Saw this guy for the first time on TV last night, LIVE FROM THE ROYAL ALBERT HALL. Not sure what rock I have been under but I have never heard of this guy before and he is an incredible blues guitar player. Any suggestion's on which albums to look at?
"Sloe Gin" and "You and Me" are exceptional. "John Henry" is also quite good. I have "Black Rock" but haven't played it yet.
Have "Sloe Gin" and enjoy it. Glad you posted that let me see the other suggestions.
Yesterday I bought Sloe Gin and The Ballard of John Henry. Both are exceptional,looking to get You and Me and Black Rock.

Thanks for the sugestions!!
Joe B. is a monsta! Picked up 'You & Me' after hearing it at a Tower Records listening station (had never heard of JB before that!). Man, I miss Tower! One of the most interesting things about 'You & Me' is how much Jason Bonham sounds like his dad on this record. At times the groove sounds positively Zeppelin-ish, or would it be Zeppelinian?;)