John Lennon Accoustic lp?

Hi, Ever since I saw the royal tennembaums I have been infatuated with this acoustic version of look at me by john lennon. talking about it with a record dealer friend of mine he said it was on lp and cd. I just did my first round of searches, found the cd(acoustic is the title) but cant find the lp. has anyone on here heard of this on vinyl? was it only on a boot up until the cd? if so whats the boots name?
Isn't it on Lennon's "Plastic Ono Band" album?

That has been out for years on both lp and CD and is regarded by many as Lennon's finest solo lp.
yea, I have that lp and love it to death. but there was a different recording/mix and it is on the acoustics cd but I haven't found an lp yet. looks like ill just have to live with the cd.