Jon Lord Deep Purple

Sad to hear of his passing from a battle of pancreatic cancer at 71.

Jon will always be remembered RIP.
Highway Star from Live in Japan...I'm gonna crank it tonight in his honor. His solo on that said it all about his talent and energy, one of the greats in rock.

Jon may you rest peacefully.
Deep Purple was one of my favorite bands as a teenager in early to mid-1980s eventhough their heyday was the late 1960s and early 1970s. My favorite version of the band was the Mk II version (Ian Gillan - vocals, Jon Lord - Keyboards, Ian Paice - Drums, Ritchie Blackmore - lead guitar, and Roger Glover - bass guitar). Favorite album - Made in Japan. Nowadays, I might bust out a DP album once a year but when I do, I have a blast.

RIP Jon.
Did not hear this news. Everyone talks about Gillan and Blackmore but Paice, Glover and Lord made this band great. Locked in like no other.
Lindisfarne, it's always the lead singer or guitarist that gets the glory, the backing members deserve more recognition, they hold it together.
well I ended playing all of Made in Japan (correction for above), original pressing, on vinyl. What a great live album. Jon was one of the few who could sling a Hammond around on stage and make it sing. So much of their sound was the combination of Lord, Paice and Glover.
I liked Jon Lord's contribution to the band more than what Ritchie Blackmore did. My favorite song is off the 'Come Taste the Band' record called 'Getting Tighter' and features Tommy Bolin on guitar. I really believe that Jon Lord served as the brick and mortar for Deep Purple. I thought as well that Jon Lord's musicality was restricted inside the demarcations of Deep Purple, which I suppose could explain why he took on more involved projects outside of the group. Jon Lord could certainly play a mean Hammond and I'd put him at the top along with Melvin Seals (just my personal taste of course).
Awesome keyboard player. You won't see another like him. He set the standard for metal and hard rock keyboards. I like pretty much all his work on the Deep Purple albums!