Joseph Audio Pulsars with REL Sub or Perspectives in 11x11 Room?

I am a big Joseph Audio fan since the RM22's . . . Always have loved the house sound.  I am currently running Pulsars on Sound Anchor stands with a REL Storm sub in a small listening room; only 11 x 11 x 11.  I have an opportunity to upgrade to a set of Perspectives.  Can any of you Perspective owners give me some quick thoughts on whether the Perspectives would be too much for such a small listening room?  The loudest that I really listen to them is measured at about 86db at my chair, very rarely more than 90 db.  I run them with a PrimaLuna Dialogue HP (75 watts) or a Plinius SA100 MK III.  Some quick input would be appreciated!
I don't know if the Perspectives would be to much as opposed to the Pulsars plus sub. My room is about 14 x 18 x 12 vaulted ceiling , the Perspectives work very well with my listening position 10 feet away. I listen at modest levels as well. With that high ceiling and some room treatment I think they could work not sure how much of an upgrade it would be though. 
moto man,

I own the Perspectives, using them in a 13 x 15 room.  They work great in the room, but they do put out plenty of bass.  It's well controlled in my room, but then it's a good room acoustically and also has a wide opening to a hallway.   Hard to predict for your room, but if you have good room for adjusting seating and speaker positions I can see them working there (that is having the Perspectives well off the walls).

In some ways the Pulsars with subs would be "easier" to get the bass right...but that depends on how much work and fussiness you are good with.   It's work and fidgiting to dial in subs really well, and it's extra speakers, extra cables, extra AC connections, extra aesthetics.

I actually have subs too but haven't used them because of all that and because the Perspectives do such deep satisfying bass.
Thanks for your input! My room is not a good room acoustically.  It is all reflective walls and ceiling (carpeting on the floor though), and I have one spot for putting my "listening chair." It is a converted bedroom, so it is not open at all. The Pulsars with the sub definitely pump out a lot of bass, and I have already spoken with GIK Acoustics about treatments for the room to make it a little more friendly.  But I wonder if, overall, there will be a sizable difference in Treble and mid if I go up to the Perspectives from the Pulsars.

What would you guys say is the standout difference between the Pulsars+ sub and the Perspectives?
Never heard the Pulsars but I would think coherence. I don't have an ideal room either. I have done what treatments I could then got an Anthem STR using room correction which Softened the bass is the most noticeable improvement, I am not a fan of boomy bass. 
@prof, you mention having the Perspectives "well off the walls."  I am pretty limited to placing them about 2 ft. max off the walls, which puts me about 8 feet from them, max.  Do they need to be farther away from the walls?
moto man,
My perspectives tend to be about 3 3/4 feet from the back of the speaker to the wall behind them.   Left speaker about 2 feet off the side wall, the other speaker near a room opening.
I haven't played with the speakers much closer to the back wall because I have a bit of an unusual room demands that forbids such placement as permanent (the right speaker is near the room entrance and placing the speaker closer to it's back wall actually puts it in the pathway of entering the room.  In this case this "limitation" works out fine as most speakers work really well in the room at that distance from the  walls.
Mine are about 2 feet off the wall with 2'x4' 2inch thick absorption panels behind. 
I've got a 10x9x8 room, and am using JA Pulsars on Sound Anchors stands with a JL Audio e110 subwoofer. Jeff Joseph set up the speakers in my room personally. When I asked him whether the Perspectives would be a better fit, he was adamant that the Perspectives would overload a small room and he felt that the Pulsars would be perfect. Jeff was right! He could have sold me the more expensive Perspectives, but he's a man of integrity and wanted me to have the best sound for my application. I would stick with the Pulsars ... I'm very pleased with mine.
A 10x9x8 room is 720 cubic feet, a 11x11x11 room is 1331 cubic feet. I can see where a 720 cu ft room could be to small but a 1331 cu ft room might not. You're both augmenting the low end with a subwoofer. The question is would the Perspectives be too much without the subwoofer at least that's what I am assuming. With room absorbing for first reflections and maybe some room correction if that's something the OP might be willing to try I can see them working in a 1331 cu ft room. 
@djones51, thanks for that point.  I was just about to forget about the Perspectives, since who would know better than Jeff himself.  However, looking at the cubic feet, there is almost twice the amount of space in my room as that of @rlb61.  I was really looking at length x width more than cubic feet.  I would not think that a sub would work with the Perspectives in my small room, so yes, it would be without a sub!  Now more to ponder!
""Mine are about 2 feet off the wall with 2’x4’ 2inch thick absorption panels behind.""
This was the exact setup I had with my Perspectives when I had them. Worked very well. However, the Pulsar is a little monster, and may even satisfy you without subs. A friend of mine has the Pulsar 2 Graphene's. I can't believe how amazing those are. Big, rich, deep bass. Just incredible.
I suggest that you give Jeff Joseph a call at (800) 474-4434 to get his opinion. Jeff is a great guy and, since he designed the speakers, there's probably nobody better qualified than him to give you the lowdown for your situation.
A little off topic but how do you like the HP / Pulsar combination.  I have a new pair of Perspectives (original) sitting at my dealer while I sell my house and move.  I also have an HP w/ KT-150's.  Just wondering your experience with your combination. 
Not only is your room on the smaller side, it’s square, which is usually a nightmare for bass issues. With a room that size and shape I think the flexibility of placement and fine tuning capabilities of a sub with the Pulsars would be a much better solution. Plus with a sub you’ll be able to get down to an honest 20Hz that will add to the music in a way the Perspectives alone cannot. I’d also assume adding a good sub (or even two) could well cost thousands less than upgrading to Perspectives. If it’s me, I’d get a pair of SVS SB2000 Pro subs for $1500 (with a 45-day, risk-free return policy) and see where they bring you with the Pulsars. My experience with good and properly set up subs is that once you hear all they add to your system’s overall performance you won’t want to listen without them anymore. Just my $0.02, and best of luck in whatever you decide.
If it weren't for the current pandemic apocalypse (and hence lack of work) I'd have upgraded my Perspectives to the Graphene version by now. 

Ah well, lucky to have first-world problems.

For now I switch back and forth between my Thiel 2.7s and the Perspectives, enjoying both.