Joseph Audio Speakers never show up used

Why do Joseph Audio speakers so rarely show up used? Do they sell a small number of speakers? (not many dealers?) Or, do owners love them and keep them forever?

I have found myself voting the "Joseph Audio room" in my top 3 at the last several Stereophile shows - and the Pearl speaker sounded fantastic at this most recent show in May. I've been toying with picking up a used RM33i (mini-pearl). I do wonder about their need for substantial power........

Anyway, let's hear from owners or prospective owners, or you if you have an opinion: why do these speakers so rarely show up on Audiogon?

I heard RM33 and I heard Pearl. These are two so different speakers.

RM33 are overvalued and shouldn't have the offered price of $7k. I didn't find anything successfull or even positive in these speakers except look and shiny Cardas binding posts listening them with Classe 350 monos and the rest of classe electronics including CD5 and preamp that i don't remember the model number. The only word that can describe this setup is HORRIBLE. Couldn't find an appropriate volume level and couldn't find even an appropriate music that "fits" this setup. It seemed to me that I listen to some very loud ancient gromophone that presses my ear-drums with some metalic and unrealistic gingling sounds... According to the specs they love some juice (relatively large side-firing woofer) but the more volume I was trying to bring the more unreal and fatiguing they sounded.

I can nothing say about previous models but I assume that the same reason that they're still standing in the dealer's stock and having a hard time to be sold.

Pearls were able to do much more than even expected for the price offered: dissapearance effect and 3D, bottomless bass, clarity and musicality. In fact this I believe the only successfull speaker that might gain the consumer with appropriate budget but again: there are still in the same class Wilson Watt Puppies 7 that cost much lower and can easily compete.

I would also like to hear what others will say about RM33 and different setups from what I've listened. Maybe I would blame blame blame Classe electronics and try to setup different audition with non-Classe setup...
My guess would most likely have to do with the fact that Joseph Audio has not been around as long as other brands and are have less production than some of the bigger hi-end brands. I did sell a pair of first generation Joseph Audio RM-7's four plus years ago (right here on AudiogoN). I did recently see a few Joseph speakers for sale on Good luck.....
Marakanetz, you are exactly right about Joseph RM33's. I hate to bash a product but the RM33 would only appeal to someone who has a lot of money and no ear for stereo stuff. But sees a high price so assumes it must be good.
Sorry, while the Pearl did sound excellent I was thinking, yea sounds about like $8,500 B&W Nautilus 802's. So Pearls are about $11,500 overpriced.
I think it has to do with love I have a pair of RM22si mark II's And I can't seem to ever want to replace them there great speakers and the more you play them the better they sound. and if you ever contact Joseph's he is a great person to deal with he answers all his call personaly. True there are not many dealers out there but it is worth finding one and getting a speaker demo.
Cdc, I heard each of Joseph's(RM33 or Pearl) only once and only with one setup. Maybe I should listen to Nautilus 802 with Manley electronics later somewhere since Manley electronics are always true for me. I realy don't know how to describe the way RM33 sound but it seemed that they sound like DJ horn-loaded JBL for $150 per pair(whata bargain instead of $7k!)
33i with Classe electronics? Hmmmm. I LOVE the Proac 3.8's but the one time I heard them driven by Classe electronics, they sounded awful. Very nasal. So, your comments on 33i are a good heads-up, that the 33i might not be at a level of sonic quality reflecting it's price and product positioning - but I think a listening with other electronics is called for.
I guess I am just lucky. I bought my RM22si's on this site about 4 months ago and just love them. I have them paired with a Classe Cap-150 integrated, Arcam FMJ CD-23, and Harmonic Tech cables and it sounds great -- very sweet, great imaging, etc. Still have not finished with my room/placement adjustments and can only imagine how much I will love them then.

However, as an earlier posted said, it probably has something to do with love. You won't see my pair on Audiogon unles I die and my girlfriend needs the money.
In all my logical sence RM33i have relatively large woofer and their sound "bags" a designer to re-design them in order to be a)biwired and b)to have different crossover.

Having thrown into these speakers 350W/ch the bass is uncontrolled and undefined. Mids are harsh. The only good thing i heard is ts..ts..ts..tssss..ts..ts..tssss... that bossa-nova rythm (Ben Webster/Joe Zawinul); but it's not the music to test a full range speaker -- give them some punch with large orchestra or rock and they're literally knocked down... Give'em only quiet acoustic bass, ts..ts.., snare drum with broomes and wispering Ben Webster's sax.
I would rate them in audiorevew rating scale as only one star * on both value and performance.

I've never heard RM22sig but in this case as far as i know there are not too many dealers selling Joseph audio which gives me also guess why...

I went to audition Joseph Pearl on NYH because i realy admire Manley electronics that were back end to these speakers: Manley SteelHead, Manley Shrimp, and Manley Reference 250.
I am a relative new comer to high end audio, but got interested in it after trying a pair of Joseph Rm-7si sigs as fronts for HT(Onkyo a/v rec. then adding Classe amplification, using the Onkyo as pre/pro). I quickly replaced these with a pair of his Cinergy 5.1's as fronts. I sold one Cinergy here on A'gon (in about 15 minutes) tried Meadowlark Shearwater HR as front's, but they did'nt match well with my other speakers(Joseph & JBL pros). I got a pair of Joseph Rm-50's and Jeff Joseph updated them with his Pearl system crossovers.
You are right, I will not be selling these speakers. I have seen a few Josephs for sale and I am always tempted to buy them when I see them, but there are other things I need (tube pre and another amp or intergrated)to finish my system.
As far as power I am only using 75wpc (I'm sure more will be better)for now and they are doing the job.
Just my 2 cents.
Artmaltman, you could be right about the Classe. I have since listened to Revel M-20 with Classe and then Revel F30 and F50 in another store. Similar ringing and harmonically wrong sound as I heard with the Josephs.
So it could be at least partially the Classe's fault. Maybe Classe just does not match up well with metal driver speakers. Thinking back I did hear the Josephs with Arcam and sound was pretty good other than lack of bass and dynamics.
why would jeff demo RM33is with classe 350??
did he deliberately want his speakers to sound wierd??
please clarify..