Just an old fans memory lane. Chicago bands from the sixties...

We had a couple of places in Eastern Iowa that often had bands from Chicago.  If any remember, The New Colony Six, Buckinghams, Cryin Shames, American Breed...and there were others I am likely forgetting.  Even though I was from Iowa City, Chicago had very big influence on my early music history....including and especially WLS......."the big 89".

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I was lucky enough to see them live do G.L.O.R.I.A.    The little venue was in Swisher, Iowa...I believe it was called "DanceMor Ballroom"  I did see Chicago both before and after Peter starting singing lead. 
But of course, does anybody really know what time it is, and that is assuming you can find someone that really cares. 

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I had stayed at a friends condo at Lake Point Tower many times after he moved to "the burbs".  Many, many great memories of my time in Chicago, including wine tastings put on by some of the wine merchants.  I am always up for a meal at a Greek restaurant on Halsted. 

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AHJ was 70’s
So was Styx
Siegel-Schwall were 60’s
A Lincon Ave. fixture.
Saw Corky & Jim in Galesburg
Shadows of Knight were from Prospect High in Mt. Prospect -The Knights
They were house band in my grade school cafeteria.
They headlined the Gilbert’s Festival with backup by REO Speedwagon from Chambana.
Fireworks, acid, rain and $1 Boone’s Farm bottles.
All good.

Rolling Stones at Chess.

I saw Peterick with Smokey Robinson at a NARAS songwritrig seminar in Streeterville Studios.
 Were the Turtles a Chicago band?
@whatjd - Used to eat at Greektown while attending U of I.
Would go late (close to closing) and they would put extra
on your plate instead of throwing it away.
I hear Greektown has pretty much disappeared these days.
Worked with a fellow who claimed he was the first bass player with the Cryan Shames before they made it big. I believe his first name was Mike.
Worked with him in 'Vegas -TSA at the airport.

I don’t know if Flo & Eddie (the Turtles) had a Chicago connection or not. I did see them live twice and both times were good music but also fun....they had a good sense of humor.

Flo & Eddie - Wikipedia

How about Chicago Transit Authority I loved the CTA album very well recorded, it still finds its way onto the tt all these years later.
CTA became simply Chicago after the Chicago Transit Authority made threats to the band about the name....and all the band would have done is make the CTA more known....hard to believe a government run entity would be stupid. 

Muddy Waters (saw him at the First National Bank Plaza and at Chicago Fest on Navy Pier).

@whatjd - "hard to believe"? The "government" is mostly a bunch of second-stringers who are doing jobs that smart people don't want.

dweller,  I agree.  In my business life I have dealings with many people and entities and had much better success with the private sector rather than the "cradle to gravers". 


Yes, I love my times spent on Navy Pier.  A friend owns a condo in Lake Point Tower which allowed easy access to events on Navy Pier and to the Gold Coast.  Many of my favorite places for a great meal are in Chicago....and super "night spots".