Just got my Lumin T2 wasome sound but very bad app

Got my lumin T2 yesterday and the sound quality is awsome!

 But the app is not that good :/

I use tidal but why is the play the hole playlist and delete playlist next to eachother? See attached picture, I have big finger and did delete 2 playlists =( Is it anyways to restore them?


 And is it not possible to add tracks to a saved playlists?

What did you have before the T2 and how does it compare sound wise? How big of jump in sound quality?
I own a T2 and IMO the Lumin app is outstanding. It took me the better part of a day to learn its nuances. I have absolutely no complaints, it’s very intuitive to use and takes very few clicks to get what you want to do. My previous Streamer-Dac was an Oppo Sonica. The T2 is an improvement in many ways: sounds more musical, lots more detail but not analytical and dynamically robust. I'll keep this a long time.
The thing I like about the T2 is the ability to use an external Dac down the road
i did have mcintosh c2600 used w laptop and usb. Now lumin T2 as streamer and dac to a mcintosh c500t. Big difference in sound clarity. Tested roon today and i liked it way better then both tidal and lumin app!
Roon is the best imo. I now only use itunes if i have to rip a cd. Roon will rip cds now, the Apple superdrive is not supported. 
I have had the Lumin A-1 and the X-1 and I think the Lumin App is fantastic.  It is super easy to use.  I use Tidal as well as my NAS collection.  
I concur the app is terrible and not at all intuitive. You’d think you could just click an album and it’d play... nope.
Try BubbleUPnP.  It's free or 5 bucks for the ad-free version.  I like it better than the Lumin app.
Second for bubbleupnp.
As long as your streamer/ server appears as a dlna server it will work instantly with no effort on your part.
It does not have all the fancy gizmos that Roon does but it ain't Roon priced so....
Never really cared for the Lumin app for whatever reason. Roon works very well. Shame about the ongoing cost, but what can a poor boy do?
I was not too crazy about the Lumin app in the beginning, I missed the Bluos for a while. Now I think it’s great. Just took some getting used to, but it’s very intuitive now. I just wish Quobuz would get their crap together with ALL music control apps and upgrade their interface.