KEF final call

FWIW; Received an email today from KEF about final call on previous generation R series speakers. Good pricing for anyone wanting to dip toes into KEF eco system at probably better than used prices. R3 is $1400 a pair, down from $2200. Larger R series for half or better. Even a few Reference series in the mix.

No affiliation, just a satisfied customer. These are on available directly from the KEF website.



Thanks for the tip.  The R7 looks like a steal.  Maybe a home theater setup.  

I lived with the R11 for a year or so then got upgrade-itus. I was looking for something more organic sounding with more/ and lower bass. I think a pair of R3's with two subs and tube amp would make a fantastic system. 

Thanks for the heads up.


I did not avail myself of this sale but did purchase a pair of R3 Metas. Best speakers I have ever owned (although that probably isn't saying much). I have them paired with a single HSU VTF 1.MK3 sub. I am having some difficulty in getting placement of the sub for proper augmentation. The speakers do pretty well without the sub, but I do like to hear that lower octave that is not quite within it's reach.

Not doing any favors on center channels. Currently using a KEF CC (with a super tweeter on top) which does an adequate job. Will take a lot to move me to replace.

Even though the bass on the R11 is listed to 30hz a few people said subwoofer still necessary but their sub seems a bit pricey! Was just looking around as my main speakers are out to a shop and never thought I’d miss them so much. I have my older KEF XQ in secondary setup and still enjoy them but would probably try something different if I ever needed new mains. Looks like the sale is still active today