Don't post often here but thought I would let you all know I stumbled on a pretty amazing performer in this little monitor.

I would say the midrange is on par with my Harbeth 40.1, treble has a tad more leading edge bite than the best soft dome but its a really good top end that never gets nasty. Dynamically they are performing way better than they should. I'm betting they would compete with the new 30.1 sonically, just a guess.

Have them running with 20X price electronics in a small office and they are not outclassed in any way. Made me want to keep throwing my best gear with them they sounded so good.

If you are in the market grab a pair, you will not regret. Saw two pair this morning for sale for around 1K, I can't think of anything in 20 years offering this much performance for 1K. You could build a world class non-full range sound around these.
Has anyone found the lowest price for the Kefs on the internet? I see Amazon offers free shipping but full retail. Thanks..
They have a surprisingly similar sound; in a blind test, I'd bet some lesser audiophiles couldn't tell them apart.
I am not blind so I couldn't do a true blind test, however after about six hours of looking and listening I could tell that the ls50s looks and sounds just like a ls50s. I know it sounds strange. I don't know what i was expecting but it is true. Hope that helps. Anything else you want me to compare that has the same model numbers just let me know. My curiosity is piqued now. I hope I can sleep tonight.