KEF Reference 5 vs KEF Reference 5 Meta.

I know they updated the UniQ and Crossovers,  but does anyone know if KEF uses the same box for their Reference Meta speakers as they did for the original Reference line?? 



why are you asking you cant upgrade the older ones kef does not sell an upgrade kit and has no plans on doing so

@bhvf nailed it.

I have the 5’s and the 5 Meta’s talk about the new UniQ and that the crossover point was now at 3000 for the tweet , but I’ve found no other information about the other drivers or the inner structure of the cabinet.  So if there’s a small change to the crossover and that small mouse maze behind the tweeter are the only changes, I probably won’t look to upgrade.

Just being curious

My local dealer has a pair of the new 3's on consignment. Unfortunately I haven't heard them to give any comparisons. Seeing as how big of an upgrade "Meta" was on the rest of their line, I would think these are great but I know nothing about internals.


Not much help from you. I take it you don’t sell them, otherwise you would be singing their praises?


HI Jim, last time we messaged you changed your port settings to the small ones and said you might not need the sub anymore. I am looking  into buying 2 Rel S/812 subs to compliment my ref 5's. Have they made much difference to your overall sound? I know the 5's only go as low as 32hz so would expect them to.

BTW, I've not heard the meta version of the kef 5 and I will not be looking to upgrade them. I had (still have) the Ref 4's for over 20 yrs!

Cheers, Mark 


I have music on several hours a day, but when I’m sitting in my spot, the sub fills in the sound beautifully. Only one you say? Yes.  It’s on the floor behind the listening position about the same distance away as the speakers are. Two would probably sound a bit better, but I don’t have a place for the second one unless I put them next to the speakers and for my room, it didn’t sound as good.