Kenwood DP 990SG CD Player won at Yahoo Auction Japan

I am in Washington, D.C. area and expecting delivery of Kenwood DP 990SG CD Player I won at the popular Yahoo Auction site in Japan. Auction price was $32.00 but shipping was a whopping $132.00. The Kenwood is rated 100 Volt. An electrical engineer says there is not need for a transformer converter step down unit from 120-110 Volt to 100 Volt because a lot of CD players made in Japan are sold in the U.S.A. Do others here use or do not use transformer converter for their made for Japanese market CD players?


You need a 100 volt stepdown transformer. I have a Kenwood idler TT that requires 100 volts AC. All Jap CD players for the US market use 120 volts. Ditto for Jap TT's and amps!

A big thank you’s to members who responded quickly to my help request. I ordered a brand new ACUPWR 300 True Watts transformer, made in U.S.A. Couldn’t find one used anywhere at the moment,

I love this forum.

Yes, I did see the $39 one earlier. Looks like a good deal. But, I went for the ACUPWR at three times the price of that one. "Buy the best and only cry once."