kimber cable bi focals xl speaker cable

anyone have any experience with kimber cable bi focal xl cables. i'm running audience au24's right now, but not really sold on em'.
Bi-Focal XL is very good. Also try Purist Audio Aqueous Anniversary. Both very dynamic. I had AU24 and ordered the PAD Aqueous after comparing the 2 cables. If more dynamics, detail and slam is what you are looking for, then either the Bi-Focal XL or PAD Aqueous Anniversary should do.
Hi Gilman, you are probably are getting tired of getting the same responses from the same people. But here we go again. I got the Profile 918's and Synergistic Research’s new Tesla Accelerator speaker cables. What a great match! Warm, liquid midrange, controls that detailed treble the 918's have (i.e. less hiss and more detail), more bass output with great detail. The increased bass output and treble taming is what sold me. Get a demo from The Cable Company and also demo the PAD Aqueous at the same time from them and compare. Have Fun!
hey joeyboynj, don't mind the repeat responses from the same ppl. im actually very new here, so ill welcome any response at all. started when i replaced my pre-amp, and within a month, everything was replaced. almost forgot how wonderful(and expensive this hobby is). its actually fun again to sit in front of 2 channel audio and get lost. by the way, the pre-amp is a B.A.T. tube vk3ix.
I have at the moment Kimber 8TC connected to Focal Electra 1027 Be. Do you think that the upgrade to Kimber Bi-Focal XL is worth the money ? Does anybody have any experience with this upgrade ?

Sorry for interrupting the discussion but I believe that these two questions are inter-related so maybe it is better to handle them within one discussion ....

Normally I don't respond to forum posts, but I have to here.

I went from the 8TC's to the Bifocals XL's, and it was leagues better. I could not believe what I had been missing.

I really think for the money the Bifocals are the point of diminishing return.
Dejanm, I believe you mean the upgrade to Kimber Monocle XL. The Bi-Focal XL is for bi-wireable speakers which the Focal Electra 1027 Be are not. The Focals will definitely allow you to hear the upgrade to the Monocle XL for sure.

You're right - Electras are for single-wiring only, although you can put 4 bannanas into two connectors - I tried that as well. I couldn't though here the difference between my 8TC bi-wire and single wire versions that I have.

Thanks a lot - that was an answer that I wanted to hear ...
To answer Dejanm question about 8TC speaker cables, I've tried bifocal X and XL from a friend of mine who is a owner of a hi end audio store. They're not much diffence,(10 over 9 to my ears, my friends ears'), but price comparation between 8tc and Bifocal X or Xl?????. I keep my 8TC for the value of money. If you're refer to change a higher range speaker cable set. I do recommend to go with Kber select. I'm a lucky man who had friend who owned a Hi end store and several friend who are audiophile fan. I owned a pair of Jm lab Electra Be 1027. If you don't believe me and firends of mine? I do recommend you to buy it, try it out and then sell it later you'll lose some money but at least you've tried. To me 8TC is a nice cable for its own price and performance. Best regard.