Krell enters the world of SACD ?

I heard a rumor that Krell will have a SACD player by early next year. Can anyone confirm or clarify ? Thanks.
yes, i've heard this rumour, too. also heard that dan d'agastino will be working as a roady for the eagles this summer in the hope of adding a touch of humanity to his resume. yeah, as if...
Krell's 4/28/01 response to an e-mail I sent regarding rumored cancellation of the Krell SACD player:

Dear Jim,

Thank you for your e-mail and your referral to the source. Thanks also for your input.

Dan D'Agostino is actively investigating and researching SACD. I can tell you that he likes the potential of the format but like many he has concerns about the availability of software. In this business, the availability of sufficient software is a key to consumer acceptance. I think it is certainly possible that you will see a SACD component from Krell by WCES 2002. That being said, I wouldn't want a gun held to my head in case we don't. When more information becomes available, I will let you know.

If we may be of further service, please let us know.

Best regards,
Irv Gross
Krell Sales and Marketing Department
Any truth to the rumor that Sony is charging as much as a
grand a unit to other builders of SACD machines? If so,
can we say BETA?
David Kawakami of Sony was asked a question similar to the preceding post at HE 2001. He said that Sony prefers to create major markets and be but one of many companies to fill demand once the market is created. He made it clear that this would not be another Beta situation. He said that Sony is encouraging all manufacturers to enter the SACD market. He said that it's relatively early in the introductory phase of SACD as a format and that the parts supply division of Sony may soon be able supply other companies with the SACD player components which they will incorporate into their own players. He implied that there is no hindrance from Sony to manufacturers wishing to market SACD players and that as software production ramps up we will be seeing many SACD players from additional manufacturers.
And lest we all forget that the greed-heads out there pushing DVD-audio want to watermark it and maker it low- rez five chanel.Just say NO!!!!!!!!
Jschrimpf: It sounds like David gave you some serious haiku.
Read between those lines.
Didn't Sony also say that MD would not become another Beta situation? Oh, and didn't they also say that about DAT
I also heard Krell is preparing a DVD player (called DVD standard) that is upgradable to play DVD-audio.