Krell HTS1...Upgradable or NOT?

I am thinking about adding DVD audio to my home theater system. I have a not so old Krell HTS1 processor. Can I easily add a DVD audio player to the system or can it even be upgraded to accept the formats? I have repeatedly emailed Krell for answers and have not received one reply. Any information would be helpful.

I had a HTS1 and I would say NOT. They are great selling you on the upgradeability, but I have only had one smooth upgrade done by them. I got tired of waiting and just bought an AVS which I really love for everything.
tired of wating....isn't that the truth. I can not seem to get any response from either the general service folks or a specific individual. You could not be more correct. I bought this thing barely over 2.5 years ago and spent a lot of money on it because of Krell's "reputation" and its "modular" and "upgradable" architecture. What a bunch of crap! IF I can not get them to figure this out, it will be the last piece of Krell equipment I EVER buy.


I have called them about 1 year ago iquiring about something entirely different and they basically told be that I would have to "replace" the unit with a new one and they would give me a meager $1500 trade in.
Meanwhile, I would spend $7000 on their new product that is, SUPRISE, modular and upgradable too. Once bitten twice shy! I was hoping that they may have figured something else out by now but judging from the complete lack of response from my many inquiries, I suspect not.
I'm surprised that you haven't gotten a reply - I have found Krell customer service to be very responsive in the past.

As for "modular and upgradeable" - once bitten twice shy is the right attitude, but don't think any other manufacturer is going to have a different tune or a different outcome. Everybody wants to believe that what they're buying is "future proof", but there's just no way. The best you can do is buy one of the high-end Theta, Meridian or Lexicon units, where there is at least some hope that they'll bring out add-in boards for future functionality. Better still, start viewing a pre/pro as a computer and realize that you're going to have to spend money every 2-3 years to remain at all current. Companies like Lexicon offer fairly attractive trade-in value to buy their new models, which is the only "upgradeable" claim I believe from anybody any more.
Krell is pretty good for most repairs, but I have also had problems with their shipping department. I had a KPS-20i improperly packed and I had to ream them whil I was on vacation I was so upset. The upgrades are another story, they make no real money there. Sure it is "modular", but there has to be a benifit for them to provide the upgrade.
Believe me the AVS with 7 balanced outputs for video and the 2 channel sound betters the HTS1. So what if there Showcase is 7.1, the used price on it is dropping like all the HTS a rock.
I bought the HTS1 for the exact same reasons you did, in fact your wording is very similar to my previous communications to Krell. Their current upgrade program is to sell you a new 7.1 for $4000, with trade-in. (From their perspective, I guess the HTS1 IS my case for 75% of the original purchase price). That didn't cut it with me. Krell discussed it with me for a while, then got busy with the A/V show in Las Vegas. So I started in with my retailer. I live in Texas and here, misrepresentation is a very nasty word. The bottom line is my retailer is selling me a 2003 BLACK 7.1 for $2000 with trade-in. I can live with that, as I might have expected something close to that as an upgrade price, not to mention the multiple additional features the 7.1 has over the HTS1. I don't know what kind of history you have with your retailer (Krell dealer) but if you're still not satisfied with Krell's response, I'd start in with the retailer. They are as much on the hook as Krell. In my case, I had bought all my equipment for two houses from the same place (about $45000) over an eight year period. They see it as keeping a long-time good customer happy. Good luck.
I have a HTS 1 as well and did write Krell and they wrote back with the $4000 upgrade option. I have to say this isnt what I had in mind with the upgrade process and the cards look to be the same format as the 7.1 but I do love the sound of my HTS!!! I use use FPB amps amd MBL 111 speakers for my home theater. The MBLs are absolutely RUTHLESS in revelaing problems, I tried several processors only to be disappointed, My only fear with up grading to the 7.1 was degrading the sound in any way? PL2 is nice and DVD-A/SACD inputs would satisfy me. Now that Ive heard the 7.1 I will upgrade when my other half calms down again(LOL) Just bout two PS Audio P-1200(2)P600(1)P300(1) what a massive improvement!!! To hear this system when I relax at night I feel lucky as hell! I will get a 7.1 But the natual sound of my HTS makes me feel honored that they evan produced it!