KT 150 impressions

I would like to hear the impressions of those who have used KT 150s.  I see them showing up in amps by good manufacturers and I am curious.  Over the last few years I have been going back and forth between EL34s and KT120s in my PrimaLuna amps, and I think I prefer the EL34s for various reasons.  Whereas the KT120s seem to have a bit more punch than the EL34s I find they have a bit of "glare" after a while, and I like the way voices (choirs) sound on the EL34s, as well as the overall space they produce.  Plucked instruments do have a bit more impact with the KT120s, and the 120s are more powerful, but in general I find the EL34s a bit more believable.  I have read that the 150s produce great soundstage, which I like, but hey are expensive, which is why I thought I would start a conversation before laying out the cash (I need eight of them).  
I also feel the KT120 tubes have some kind of glare.  I heard a friends Prima Luna HP Integrated with the KT150 tubes, it sounded incredible.  Deep taut bass and fantastic mids and highs.
KT150 any day over 120s.  It is a very linear tube but doesn't have the EL34 overall midrange but sounds quite nice. 
I've used 150s in a a couple of amps and I like 'em, but like 120s more for reasons I can't explain thus saving readers from suffering through another explanation. My current favorite little Dennis Had SEP amp seems to work best with Gold Lion KT77s which I CAN offer an explanation of: It sounds better with them.
Far preferred the 150s to the 120s, but I used them in different integrated amps, so it's not an entirely fair comparison.  The KT150s were remarkable - clear, dynamic, grain free, transparent, etc.  
I’ve been through nearly all the KT’s and still today, the best tube in that family has been the nos green label mil spec GE6550 in the white box, this was a honey of a tube, glass was twice as thick as any tube in that family, you could hear it when you flicked it with your finger nail it just made a dead thud, instead of a glass tinkle.

Cheers George
I’ve been using KT150’s since the first batch made it to the US shores ... Some 5 years or so ago?? They are linear, open, transparent, and effortless. They have a top end which is seemingly limitless and a punch that grips with deep taught bass. They are powerhouses that exude confident control.Their neutrality denies they’re glass bottles and their forte is bringing solid state levels of control into a vacuum tube without denying much of a tubes’ virtues ... realism, tangibility, and 3D soundstaging.

I too love the EL 34 tube... but this isn’t even a distant cousin... which at first had me second guessing my decision to choose them. But they are so balanced... and do so much well...that I’ve found other places in my audio chain to add “tubed richnes” up the line via Dac and Preamp that the overall “blend” is like my favorite stew on a cold winter night. They’re great tubes. 
 Good luck and happy Lissn’n.