KUDOS to Music Direct

I recently purchased a demo piece of equipment from Music Direct. They quickly shipped it out and I received it without shipping damage.
I hooked it up and started it up and all was good until I went to use the remote. It wouldn't work.
I opened it up to check the batteries. They were horribly corroded and had leaked out.
The next day I put in a call to customer service and explained the situation. Without question they immediately ordered a replacement and apologized for the inconvenience. 
Now that is what I call Customer Service.
Having had bad experiences in the past with other companies, it was refreshing to be treated as a valued customer.
Kudos to Music Direct. They deserve recognition.
That's Interesting, I have seen a lot of negative comments on here about Music Direct in the past year. Maybe they are getting their act together.

I've only had first rate service from MD

+1  I order A LOT from Music Direct and have always had excellent service.  Holly Smith is my go to gal and she is fantastic.
In years past when they represented the brands I’ve grown to love, I ordered a LOT from MD as well 2005-2009. In those years I received GREAT customer service, attention and advice from Mark S., Roger S., and Jason R. With the exception of the cables and power conditioning I utilize today, they (and in particular Mark S.) are responsible for pointing me in the direction of Esoteric, Legacy and Edge (now Maker Audio) that I have utilized ever since. This advice came at a time when I was auditioning a long list of other high-end brands and put me on a path to a sound that I was looking for at price points that delivered great value. Kudos to MD!
I had a similar experience with Music Direct. I ordered a refurbished Peachtree Decco and when it arrived the right channel was stone dead. After trying the usual diagnostics I called customer service.

With no questions asked they shipped another unit and asked me to ship back the original one when the replacement arrived and I determined it was working properly. 

When it did arrive I saw that it was a new unit, not a refurb, called customer service again and was told, "Oh, we didn't have any more refurbished ones so we sent a new one."
Ive had nothing but good service from them thru the years, plus their annual catalog is gorgeous.

My experiences with Music Direct have been great so far. With CDs and LPs there was never any kind of a problem. Everything was packaged well and shipped quickly.

Recently I bought their store demo Elac Debut B6 speakers and they were almost new. They shipped them fast via FedEx in the factory box. The speakers work with no problems and when I called Music Direct for some questions on the speakers Adrian one of their reps was really cool to me. Answered all my questions and was pleasant. I'd definitely buy a store demo from them again.
jedinite24---Danny Richie at GR Research is offering a modestly priced replacement x/o for the Elac, which improves it's frequency response. For details and a discussion of it's merits (the speakers designer, Andrew Jones, participates in it), they are available on the Audiocircle GR Research Forum.
Thanks for the heads up bdp24. I'm pondering the upgrade after reading some of that discussion over in AC. There is a youtube video though where a reviewer compared both that is deterring me from making the change. I guess time will tell. One thing I found with these Debut 6 speakers in my system is that they like Class D amplification more than push pull tube amplification. I paired them with my Jolida 502P with Tung Sol KT150 tubes and the sound wasn't as lively to me.
Jed, if you're talking about the New Record Day review of the GR-modified Elac, know that he is talking about the "advanced" mod---there is also a "basic" one, much cheaper with most of the other's benefits.
Good to hear that they stand by their products.
As for vinyl, they will not replace defective records; they include LPs in the no returning of software policy. Don't care if it is defective.

That is why I don't buy vinyl from them. I only deal with Acoustic Sounds. I have never had a problem with Acoustic Sounds replacing defective vinyl.

live and learn. Now I'll only buy from SS Direct, I'll try Acoustic Sounds next time.
Another way of looking at this is what a sad state of service folks are used to when all a company has to do is the very minimum one would expect and yet it warrants a post extolling their virtues of exceptional service.
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