LA Woman CDs: DCC vs. Analogue Productions

Which release do you prefer? The Steve Hoffman DCC or the Doug Sax Analogue Productions Hybrid SACD (although I'd only access the Redbook layer of this one)? Have you heard both? I have a 1999 release and the 40th Anniversay 2-disc set but am still searching for better audio quality (re: more vinyl-like sound, and no, I am not getting back into vinyl so please do not go there).
Thanks for the help Cz! I turned it on. Yuk! I had to turn it off quickly! Something about eating black eyed peas, an Iggy Spears, and Wizard & Puke, or something like that. Oy! seems to have a quip for everything...clearly finds himself hilarious. I'm not so sure others do.

I hope you get some real answers.
Thanks M. I was browsing at a local CD store at lunch today and picked up a used DCC Gold copy of L. A. Woman (Steve Hoffman) for $30. Holy smokes this is nice! Exactly what I was hoping for. I think I will stop hunting now anyway. Killed my own thread before it even got started! While there I also picked up a used Audio Fidelity (again, Steve Hoffman) release of Deep Purple, "Who Do We Think We Are", for $20. More good quality audio from SH. Woo-hoo!
The Botnick remastered CD is not chopped liver. And I'm not hot dogging ya.
Rja - Yes, thanks! I know! I am a lucky dog for sure. Woof-woof! Perhaps I'll hang onto it for 10 years and sell it when I need a new car ;^)

Mgattmch - No, have not heard the original CD release. I will if ever given the opportunity. Thanks!

Geoffkait - Are you speaking of the 40th Anniversary release of the Analogue Productions release? Compared to the 40th Anniversary release, this DCC Gold projects a more relaxed, natural sound. I found the 40th Anniversary release to be a bit too edgy and slightly thin to my ears. Clean and clear for sure, but too "digital" for me.
Talk about a glutton I have the DCC doors collection on Vinyl then I bought the 45rpm box set too. Life is good...
Typo, sorry. To Geoffkait, should read:
" ... 40th Anniversary release OR the Analogue Productions release ..."
The Botnick and Rothchild and Doors remaster was at least twenty years ago IIRC. If memory serves the same group remastered most of The Doors catalog.