Lampizator to which dedicated music streamer?

My MacBook Pro finally froze up with tidal for the last time it was 12 years old. I stream tidal almost always for digital playback

i don’t want to use a computer anymore

i have an iPad I could use as a remote or an iPhone.

What streamer would match up well with the lampizator? My only choice for connection is usb or spdif 

thanks for your time.


I would look into the Innuous Zen series.  I'm actually doing that right now with the thought of acquiring a Lampi sometime down the road. USB.
Why not stay within the LampizatOR family? Their 'Supercomputer.'  Also spelled: SuperKomputer.  
If all you want is to stream Tidal just get something like a Node2i or Stream Box S2 Ultra and connect to your DAC. 

May we know, which Lampizator DAC you own? A source (streamer) is just as critical as your downstream components. 

May we know, which Lampizator DAC you own? A source (streamer) is just as critical as your downstream components.

Good point.  Recommendations for using a Node 2i to feed a $25K Pacific DAC could seem a bit of a mismatch.

Thank you for the info....depending on what features matters the most to you in a streamer, I would take a look into Innuos Zenith MK3, Aurender N100, Lumin U1 and Lampi SuperKomputer. They would all make a solid pairing with your Lite7.

Good luck!
I'm using an Antipodes DX II with good results into a Pacific.  I am contemplating moving to their CX/EX combo to get more, but I do like there earlier model quite well for sound quality.
I just bought a Nativ Vita 

fingers crossed but I do like the features 

thanks for all the info
Well after waiting four months still no vita.

covid has the company down I think.

I have a IMac with a 20 in screen, I’m going to use it for now, with the iMac there is no fan noise like I had on my MacBook Pro but I am hearing some computer sounds that are a bit annoying.

I almost always stream tidal for audio thru my dac, so are there things that can be turned off or removed to better the sound quality on the IMac?
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@ three_easy_payments
Do you know if there are sizable sound quality differences between the U1 and the U1 Mini?  I know the U1 has an all aluminum housing, but I would not want to spend more just for aesthetics.  Also, have you tried bypassing your preamp and running the U1 straight to the amp and using the volume control on the U1?  
I’m currently running an InnuOS Zenith MK3 in to a LampizatOr Amber 3 playing out of Klipsch Forte III’s....
Absolutely amazing!
I’m leaning toward innuos zen, but just so I’m clear a streamer sounds better than a iMac?

ive read its more relaxed and detailed at the same time.

ive never heard one
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I’m leaning toward innuos zen, but just so I’m clear a streamer sounds better than a iMac?
A good streamer like Innuos or Lumin is optimized for audio and reducing sources of noise, both of which give them a significant performance advantage over most (if not all) computers.  Plus there’s the nice side benefit of not having to deal with a computer anymore, which is a huge selling point for me but YMMV.  Just my take on it FWIW. 
I appreciate the reply , Audirvana takes the computer and supposedly shuts down things that could cause noise but I guess they cant shutdown all of them.