Led Zep 45th Anniversary Shows at O2 in 2012

Way cool. Can't wait for the details out of London.
I know nothing of the Zep shows you speak of but they sound very cool!

I do have to say that I enjoy your posts here more than most. I misread your user name the first time I saw it as “ Bong of Fury” and ever since I have some sort of anthropomorphic image of a cross between Frylock, Master Shake, and a talking Elvis Presley double bubble bong.

Break out the Geritol, Icy Hot, and Nuprin.

And the elastic waistband jeans.

There is no Led Zeppelin. The band ceased to exist as of 25 Sept 1980. Sorry.
I feel pretty certain from things that Robert Plant has said in interviews that there will be no such reunion then or ever. It would be sad if there was.
Bongo, if that happens I'm in. We should put together an Audiogon group for that event.

To Bill's point though, we would probably need to break out the Geritol, Icy Hot and Nuprin for the group as well as for the band.
Actually, the opening band is April Fools Day. You have been punked, Audigon style.
Not a chance...kind of the same odds as a snowball not melting in Houston in August.
bummer, bummer, bummer, I was getting excited. I couldn't get anyone to go with me to London to see the Police a few years back, so I ended up seeing them in Chicago, which was great.

But London would have been better.
Like my grand dad said, cast the widest net. Audiogon is to 60s AOR as fish in a barrel. Hee hee.
There again, I trapped 9 people at my work into thinking Pearl Jam was playing a secret club date here in LA. The best April Fools prank of all was a peer, whose sister listed his Coachella tickets on Craigslist, received over 100 calls!
I'd settle for a remasted box set of the original albums on vinyl ... and a fresh box of depends.
Great joke Bongo.

Maybe you should call a neighbor and ask if their refrigerator is running.

Talk about yuks, how much fun could that turn out to be?

Whoa Nellie.