Legacy Audio Focus XD - Gain Matching Issue between the internal and external amp?

The Focus XD has an internal amp (ICEpower).  So if I drive the mid and high with an external amp of my choice and drive the dual 12" woofers with XD's internal amps, would I run into gain matching issue between the internal amp and the external amp?  Legacy Audio said the Focus XD is a standalone speakers that don't require their processors such as the Wavelaunch or Wavelet.  



That would be a failure of design.  Legacy should have that handled.


I tried the XD with two different amps.  Both amps have slightly different gain.  I don't notice any difference.  Both amps are fine with the XD.  I believe a few db difference between amps is hard to notice, especially in the bass.  Basically no issue.  I posted this just want to know what other XD owners are dealing with the potential gain matching issue.  I personally don't think it is an issue.  In fact, the XD is very good sounding speakers.  Their bass is superb.

I  will love  hear more about these speakers as I plan to audition/buy a pair this summer. I also plan to use them in bi amp configuration with my VAC amp.

I believe you can order them with the function of disengaging the internal ice amps and use your own amp… 



@fthompson251  The Focus SE is a passive speaker. The XD is powered with multiple connection options. Their website has the specifics of each.

I know one can with the Aeris and above, I don’t see why the Focus would be left out… I bet there would be a fee for this. Yes the powered version…




Sc2 said this;

"I believe you can order them with the function of disengaging the internal ice amps and use your own amp… "

I am fully aware of the difference between the SE and XD. So my point was if the purchaser wants the amp  disengaged wouldn’t the SE be same thing? One can also bi amp the XD with an external amp and use the internal amp for the bass. (This will be my intention when i get my XD’s)


I misunderstood what you were asking. Purchasing the XD and bypassing the internal amp would certainly seem to defeat the purpose. The only other difference would be that the Focus SE and XD use different midbass drivers.