Levinson 360s + Sony 9000ES ?

Recently I had achance to a-b 360s and the 9000ES under different conditions. The 360s using Transparent's Ultra xl
and the Sony using Reference xl V which I know is used for tubes output stages. This is the only cable I could get my hands on for this test. Is it me or I can't believe my Sony
9000es was better than the 360s under the conditions I descrbed. My questions Is would I be better off upgrading my interconnects coming out of my Sony 9000ES or keep
the 360s and upgrade at a future date the interconnects?
Hi: you are the second person who makes similar claim (I presume you compared CD-to-CD). If you sure that its not mistake ( I had Sony 777es and 9000es and prefered 9000es - my personal choice) then sell your 360. Don't change your interconnects with which you have, clearly, synergy. I felt 9000es has very poor hi-freq signals compared to the rest of spectra. Addition of triphazer (www.triphazer.com) level 15.5 (not 15.0!) improved my system (with 9000es) performance dramatically, to say it modestly.
Hello, It is very hard to beleive that the sony is better It had to be the conditions you stated. If the sony did sound better then Levinson would probablly go under. You need to try both peices and use the same equipment through out including the wires.
Check out last weeks thread titled "Is there an SACD that plays CD's well"?
Don't stop after one or two posts, you must read at least as far as Albert Porter's post, where he tested the Levinson against the Sony. He gave a very helpful review with important insight into SACD.
Hi Lev335, I'm not saying that the Sony is better just that
the interconnects are making more of a difference. I'm
using 9000es as my transport. Rest of system consist of BAt
vk30se pre, B&W N802, Jeff Rowland 8t amp, Perpetual Technologies upsampler and speaker correction, ASC tube traps, TRansparent Reference speaker wires + 2 sets of ultra
XL (xlr)interconnects, 2 Richard G line conditioners, 2 Transparent Reference digital cables+ 1 Powersnake Cobra
on the pre as my pc. I know the 360s is better, but I'm getting better results by upgrading my interconnect. This
week I will try to audition two sets of Reference XL interconnects to compare. One XLR for the 360s another single ended for the Sony. The Levinson I hear works best
To receive the best performance out of the Levinson or any good high end audio you really need to go balanced. Good system your running. good luck
Hello Lev335: In AA.com (SACD forum) there is John Mark (from John Mark Recording Label) post on the subject. He claims that in highh quality equipment both balanced and single ended should sound about the same. Many people do not match output during comparison which in balanced mode is somewhat greater. Also, Ken Stevens of Convergent Audio Technology believe that se output is better. He laso add "for any given budjet". However, considering price of his amp ($20k) he is obviously kidding.
Without commenting on the performance of either component--and seconding the suggestion that you check out the thread recommended by Bmpnyc--I wouldn't let product reputation or price niche get in the way of your ears. Sometimes there are surprises in this hobby we all know and love...and mortgage our futures for.
Recently just had the chance to finish my evaluation by
findind a Reference XL ss rca cable for my Levinson 360s.
My findings are copletely different than my findings when
I first started this thread. The Levinson finally shwed it's
full potential, even though I know it only gets better if
I had a xlr version of this wire. I guess if you can't afford a cable of this caliber, it's a good idea to audition
a dac like the 360s with cautious. Without this interconnect
I can't justify it's performance. Findings of my test showed me that Reference XL ss gets harmonics right which
is the most impressive character of this interconnect.
More info, more air, transparacy, bass defenition, are other
qualities that make this the best cables that I've heard in
my system.