Like to wish all Audiogoner members

A very safe and happy thanksgiving. I also like to wish anyone spending this time a year alone. A very special Thanksgiving and may you spend it happly knowing their are members here who do care, and who ARE THINKING OF YOU THIS YEAR.
Ditto Schipo, no dinner or company for me this year but next week a new house comes my way!
Healthy and Happy Holidays to all from Ohio, God Bless the USA and take a moment to think about or troops who cant be home for this Holiday Season.........Cheers
Happy Thanksgiving to all. I just fired up some Christmas music and wondering if Thanksgiving is too soon?
Happy Holidays & best wishes to all "Audiogoners" and their Families from the bottom of my heart.

Mariusz Stark
Happy Thanksgiving Schipo! I am very thankful for this community and it's support of my audio affliction.

Chadnliz, I live in Franklin OH. Any chance you live near my neck of the woods?
No unfortunatly I am in the Pensacola area on the beach. Its a lonely affair, now I know the meaning of Paradise lost. I learned a valuble lesson in life, that Paradise is not where you live but who you share Paradise with.
Hey Geared, I am in Salem I know of a Franklin area but is that near Columbus? At any rate write me, alot of Ohio is reasonable driving for get- togethers.
Thanks Schipo, really looking forward to it all!