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I'm installing a small home theater system. I have a new 42" panasonic plasma, Denon AVR 2807, and Oppo 971 DVD player. Due to lack of planning, my cabinets were just installed and I have the following dimensions for front right, left speakers: 11" X 8.75" X 8" (H W D). I was considering the full range B&W 600 s3 speakers but they are a little too big. I'm planning on a 5.1 system. I'm wanting to stay under 2k for all the speakers.

Suggestions on good quality speakers that will fit??

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Totem Mites or Dreamcatchers ought to fit. Check out their website:
Signal Path ERA D4's

These will work. I've just picked up a pair for my office and I'm really happy with them. Retail is $600/pr or $2500 for 4 sat's, center and matching sub.
Tough size constraint to deal with only having 8" depth. I would recommend the Dynaudio Audience 42, which sound great up against the back wall (use the provided foam port plugs). Plays loud and clean compared to most others the same size.
You may want to consider the Gallo A'diva Ti. The Gallo Dues might fit without the stands.
Go with the NHT Absolute Zero Monitors . They are an acoustic suspension/sealed box design, so they will do well on a shelf in an enclosed cabinet set-up. For a small monitor they do a very credible job with the upper bass.

I have used a version of this monitor for the past 10 years and I find it a very clean and clear sounding speaker.

NHT has recently upgraded its speaker line and the Absolute Zero is the latest incarnation. J&R Music is running a special on the Absolute Zeros. Each monitor is on sale for $130 a piece ($520). NHT also makes a matching center channel and subwoofer.

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