Linear Power Supplies with multiple power modules

I want to get a LPS with 3-4 modules. I want to use it with my Laufer Mini- which uses an Intel NUC.
Though Sam seems to think it will make no difference, from what I have heard, a LPS might offer better sound reproduction.
I have found two companies that offer what I need:
Wyred for Sound PS-1 or the HD Plex 200 watt LPS
Has anyone experience with these models, compared them for audio usage?
I use a  HD Plex 200 watt LPS to power a sonicTransporter, Mytek Liberty DAC, and Ethernet switch - with one plug to spare.

It is built like a tank, and works very well.
I have a 4 year old HD Plex unit. Powers my server. No problems, however do a little research and you’ll find there have been plenty of problems with this unit with other users. Not sure of the current configuration but it does seem more robust. Larry, the owner, told me a few years ago he did not make the unit with the goal to improve sound quality specifically, but just as a portable external LPS. Later models do seem to have sound quality improvement in mind though. There are some comparisons online vs. other high-end LPSs, the HD Plex usually does not take first place. All this said, it certainly is a better power source than a wall wart or using power from a computer and is reasonably priced. And it is very versatile, having the ability to power multiple devices at multiple voltages.
Great, thanks guys, just what I wanted to hear...
Any Wyred4Sound users out there?
Yers , I use 2 W4S SP 1, one with a high current module for my router and standard module in the same SP 1 powering my FMC, the second SP 1 is powering the FMC near my Melco N1ZH 60 server . I Also have replaced the AC wire feeding the SP 1 with Furutech SP 55N with Furutech 50 NCF male & female plugs. Only did this because I had them layering around collecting music dust.

These are the only LPS I have tried so I cannot comment on the HD Plex LPS,s.

The above SP 1,s and AC cords really cleaned up there noise with a very nice jump in SQ.
Thanks Tecknik.
All that is missing is someone who has listened to both brands.
Can you point me to any online discussions?