Linear power supply for a router

Hi: I have an Asus XT8 router that uses a 19V 1.75A SMPS. Would it be Ok to use a 19V 4.7A linear power supply with it instead of the SMPS? Thanks in advance. Jeff


As you describe it, it should be fine.

Presumably you want to stream music? I'd be curious to know if the PS change affects the sound

Sorry, I miscalculated the amps. It's 5.26A. (the linear power supply is 100W)

I always over spec my lps,less stressed, greater reliability. I'd get lps that could supply at least 7amp, even more is better. This will be powered 24/7 so don't cheap out.

I use lps on my router, worth it for me to the point adding audiophile switch resulted in inferior sq.