Linn Ittok LV II -- removable DIN-connected cable?

I have an LP-12 with Ittok LV II arm, which I purchased used many years ago. I'm curious about upgrading the phono cable but can't determine if it is easily removable from the arm, if it is a continuous cable straight through to the headshell, or if it is some kind of proprietary Linn setup.

The cable enters the arm from the bottom through a right-angled, white plastic piece. It could be a DIN connector. I've tugged on it and it won't budge. I'm afraid to pull too hard unless I know for sure that it's meant to detach. I can see that there is a second ground wire feeding from this area, which is soldered to the chassis of the Linn. That shouldn't matter...?

Whaddya think?
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The cable is removable, but it is held in place by an allen set-screw (1.5 if memory serves). It is a standard DIN-type connector. Swap away!
If you change the cable be sure to route and adjust the new cable so as to not negativey affect the turnatble's suspension (it must bounce vertically ONLY). This is one of the most crucial elements of the LP12 setup. Hopefully you have a setup manual to guide you through this operation.
Thanks musicdoc and mg. MG, your note of caution reminds me why I wish I didn't have a Linn. I have a manual, but I'm not sure I want to even get involved.
The cable aspect of the Linn setup to assure correct suspension travel is not that difficult to perform, but can be a little tedious. Even at that, it doesn't take that long. I've never thought about changing the cable in my 12 mainly because I imagine the cables from aftermarket manufacturers might be a little less flexible, but I really don't know that to be a fact.