List of artists died in the plane crash alphabet:

John Denver
Buddy Holly
Ricky Nelson
Otis Redding
Ronnie Van Zant


What about Lynyrd Skynrd? Richie Valens and The Big Bopper and Jim Croce.

Actually, SRV was killed in a helicopter crash.

And what about Patsy Cline?

Bill Chase and most of his band, Chase, I think.

And, didn't Reba McEntire lose a brother and her band in a plane crash?

Not so well known was Stan Rogers, a Canadian contemporary folk singer.  He released several well-recorded albums.

Unlike so many others who went down in small planes Stan was on a commercial flight.

Also, can we look back to Glen Miller?

"Actually, SRV was killed in a helicopter crash."

OK, let me clarify.  He died when the airborne vehicle in which he was traveling smashed into the ground.
"Actually, SRV was killed in a helicopter crash."

OK, let me clarify. 
Helicopters and planes are actually aircrafts.

"OK, let me clarify.  
Helicopters and planes are actually aircrafts."

No problem, but your OP did say plane, not aircraft.

Added Patsy Cline in my first post.

Since you asked, Ronald McNair, that died in the Challenger disaster was an accomplished saxophonist.

Thanks, just the thread I want to read about in the middle of a 11 day business trip to Europe in which I have 2 flights down and 4 more to go until I return home. 
Why are we, somehow, making light of these artists' deaths?

Another useless thread.
Not certain about fatal plane crashes, but have experienced various famous musicians croaking on stage...

Taj Mahal (opening for Edgar Winter/Derringer) when the audience did not want to listen to his “finger piano”.

Van Morrison when he had one of his hissy fits half way through the concert (could have been that the little sissy/dude cowboy outfit he was wearing chafed him the wrong way).

Lee Michaels because but a few hundred people showed up to see him perform in Saint Paul, MN.

Bobby Goldsboro, though I’ve never seen him live I’ve heard that his “cricket sounds” (yes, I realize it’s not croaking sounds, but it’s close enough for this pontunification) are either a hit or a miss.

With no disrespect to the intention of the original poster (which sucks by the way) I hope that others can relate to these less than fatal croakings.  
I wish you, especially you a happy 4/1 holiday (don't forget to do the same for me on 4/20).
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How about list of artists suffocated in their own puke?

Sorry, did not realize that your post was a creepy A-fool’s joke.

Bad on me.


Why do you need this list? Why do you feel the need to defend this list?

Can't you think of nothing more than this?

Why does jmcgrogan2 even feel the need to respond and even then, think about an upcoming response??

What has this site come to?

Why do you need this list? Why do you feel the need to defend this list?
astro58go, I don't need and I don't feel