Logitech pulls plug on squeezebox

Thread to discuss Logitech's announcement today of their new UE Smart Radio. Squeezebox's have been removed from their website.
Current SB's should still be ok for a few years, but the end is in sight.
Not real happy since I just installed a touch recently.
Using 2TB HD>imac>squeezebox touch>Anthem MRX 300>Parasound HCA 2205A>Salk Supercharged Songtowers
Oh well - what a bummer.
I guess I'll just forget about dedicate streamers, get a sleek mini PC, and run Plex or something.

Others priorities may be in play here. Logitech may be taking a back seat to someone else for who knows why. This may be an onion with all its hidden layers or as the English would say, a layer cake.

Just ruminating, no proof of anything afoot.

All the best,
That's too bad but understandable, I own the SB3 for 7 years now but still dread loading new music and assign them to playlists, the slow web interface, etc...
Sound quality always top, no loss vs direct CD, all the conveniences WITHOUT the need to use a laptop or TV to control the system and the vast open support bases that harks back to the old PC user hacker era. I will keep mine running as long as I can...
I'm with you on the PC issue but that may still be the way I go in the end. (I intend on keeping my SB running as long as possible as well)
PC's usually have fans, I really dislike that but there are ways to eliminate them. Then the is the never ending software patch process anti-virus software etc - etc - etc.
On the other hand I'm not big into proprietary HW that could ends up in the trash once the mfg. decides to drop it either. The SB era seemed like such a perfect solution but it seems we may all be on the lookout for a new solution once again.
Good bye to you-oo, good bye to you... Logitech killed sb when they took over from slim devices. Mines in the hardware bin with my us robotics 5600 baud modem and 2x teac dvd/CD player.