Looking for a headphone amplifier recommendation for Sennheiser HD 800 S headphones

I recently acquired a pair of Sennheiser HD 800 S headphones.  Prior to this I have always connected headphones directly into a preamplifier or receiver headphone jack but to do justice to these headphones I plan to buy a headphone amplifier.  I have done some research and read a lot of reviews and here is what I’ve narrowed the field down to based on my budget:
Quicksilver $998.00
Woo WA6-SE $1,399.00
Moon Dragon Inspire IHA-1 $1,699.00
I live in an audio desert so I haven’t listened to any of these and my decision will be solely based on reviews of each of these, what I’ve read on various forums, and the feedback I receive from this post.  If there is something else I should also consider, with $1,700.00 being the top end of my desired price range I will add it in to the mix.  I don’t plan to look for a used amplifier so please don’t suggest buying a used one at a bargain price, and I am not looking for any other headphones so please, no comments that I should have bought XYZ headphones that sound great with XYZ amplifiers.  I would also appreciate comments from those who either have one of the above listed amplifiers or have had extensive experience with them.  If it matters my amplifiers and preamp are SS.  Thanks for your recommendations and suggestions.

Check out what AustinPop uses with his HD800S on Computer Audiophile site. He writes a lot about this phone.
Sony's TA-ZH1ES is excellent. You should be able to find a pre-owned one with your budget. 
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It seems that you are looking for best in ear headphones recommendations to buy at very reasonable prices and with good quality sound to enjoy watching anything while using them.
I just recently upgraded my system and sold my Quicksilver headphone amp - I think it is fantastic value for the money - super well-made and heavy, and sounds creamy-smooth with the right tube compliment and headphones like the Utopia... I do not know how it would go with the 800S, though.