Looking for a new DAC -- Tube or not tube?

Recently sold my exceptional digital SS processor/pre-amp to focus on 2-channel. Picked up a Sonic Frontiers Line-3 as a replacement. Now I need a new DAC (or do I?). Given the state of flux in digital, a big investment I'm not sure is really wise, but would like to go $1000 - $1500 for a DAC. I would consider a tube DAC, as long as I don't loose bass extension or firmness. The amp is an EAD Powermaster 1000 which is bi-amping a pair of Mirage M3-si's. My current transport is an EAD T-7000 with ST glass output. (as this unit still works perfectly fine, I understand I am to count myself lucky. It sounds great). I could also use my old EAD DSP-7000 mkII DAC, which performed well in the past. I have 1000+ Cd's and a good number of HDCD's. Is HDCD decoding worth having (presumably with the new PMD-200 filter)?
A few of the unit's I am considering are:
EVS Millenium II (although I am cautious about the long term viability of the company)
Assemblage 2.7 "platinum" edition (all the possible upograde goodies included K-series PCM1704,OPA627AP, PCM-200) perhaps with an Assemblage DSD-1
Kora Hermes (although this piece is stll much of a mystery, and would like to know more about it - not something I can go audition)
I've heard too many mixed reviews about the MSB and Perpetual units in this range that I would probably stay away from them.
Camelot Arthur (would wait for the immenent new 24/192 version)
Are there other unit's I should consider? Any comment's, recactions, thought's on the short list above? Thanks!
Sell the EAD T-7000, and buy the newest version of the Electrocompaniet EMC-1 cd player, which has 24 bit / 192 kHz upsampling.
I 'm glad you've mentioned the woefully over-looked and under-priced Kora Hermes DAC. The people of France (Kora's home) are deft at incorporating art with technologically advance components and design architecture; visit the Lourve and you'll see what I mean. The DAC's sonic dynamism, in conjunction with an noticeable sense of being palpable, provides an engrossing sound that defies its monetary cost. If there is one caveat, it would be this: The triode tube output slows the tempo of music considerably. But this may be offset by using a swift SS amp (i.e. Goldmund). In conclusion, interposing the Hermes into your digital chain would certainly ameliorate the sound you currently have now. Happy listening.
You might pick up a used Muse 296 for around $1500. That is a phenomenal sounding DAC.
Yes, I had noticed that a used Muse 296 might be a good option. Used units in the $1000 - $1500 range will also be considered, as long as the technology is reasonably current.
I can understand your hesitation given the current state of digital. If you are interested in the EVS Millennium II, you've got nothing to lose. Ric offers a true 30 day trial with NO hassle returns if you're not completely happy with it. I found it to offer all the detail and speed of a SS device with the smoothness, delicacy, air, depth, soundstage, imaging and warmth of a tube device. Literally, the best of both worlds at a bargain price.

While i haven't heard the latest Electrocompaniet CD player, the previous "non upsampling" model was quite excellent. I was not real familiar with the system but it was very engaging none the less. Sean