Looking for a SS integrated amp... approx. $1200 range

I have a older B&K power amp (model ST-55.2) running my Tekton Double Impacts.  I find this amplifier to have exceptional sound considering its original cost (maybe $650?) and it's able to play to very loud levels without the top end breaking up or getting brittle or hard on the ears.  I am connected via RCA directly from my DAC and I am able to dial the amps output down as it has gain dials or input sensitivity dials (or whatever you want to call them on the back).  They are currently set to about 1/3 right now and playing music on the Tektons it is ridiculously loud at full volume (or 1/3 amp gain) - like I feel as if someone in my nearby area is going to call the police.  This amplifier also has a left/right preout that I am using to send signal out to a pair of matched stereo powered subs.  The DAC that I am using is Eastern Electric's last, best tube DAC with a NOS RCA tube and I have no reason to upgrade that - it sounds amazing.

So I want to get an integrated amp (maybe max budget around $1,200, maybe slightly more for the right piece) and it will be used from Audiogon - I have no reason for buying new.  I want to be able to actually adjust the volume when needed via remote.  But it also must have a preout (or preferably pair of L/R preouts for my subs) and a remote.  That is really about it... I do not need an onboard DAC, a phono stage or a bunch of inputs... I am 100% Tidal from the streamer/DAC setup, so one input needed and I will not ever be using a turntable or CD player again... no other sources.  

My speakers are 4-ohm, but very efficient and I figure they are pulling about 60 watts at full volume (guess) from the B&K amp.  So I don't think that I need a ton of power really, but I do want a well-built, nice sounding amp hi current amplifier, not Class D.  If it helps, I thought that the Hafler 9505 amp was the best I have heard and I have tried a lot of amps in the past.

So far, I am at least somewhat interested in the Simaudio Moon 240i, Plinius 8100 (I know there is one on here now, but I have to have black), Creek, Exposure, Primare & Arcam.  Because of my tube DAC, I don't think I want or need a hybrid amp with a tube section, but I might consider one.  I would say I lean towards a preference of a slightly "laid back" tube type sound and the B&K amp kinda fits the bill (for a SS amp).  If B&K had made an integrated amp, I would likely be going that route already, but I do not want a big AV receiver just to have B&K.  I have my doubts about any of these integrated amps mentioned sounding better than the B&K amp, but I guess I need to try and find something.  I do not want to have to deal with a preamp either... I have already tried that many times.
Look for a used a Parasound integrated.  Their first version which went for $2500 and can be picked up in your price range. 160wpc into 8 ohms and 240wpc into 4 ohms.  Also has dedicated sub outs with adjustable crossover point. Remote control too. 
Belles Aria or an Ayre AX-7e.
Two very capable integrated amps that can be found used near your price point.

Musical Fidelity A5. Big power - 250w, fine sound. Reliable and full-featured. Has Home Theater Bypass mode so if you wish you can use it as a dedicated power amp and use your own pre-amp.
I had the A5 for a dozen years and it was great. I sold it on A'gon to try out a tube integrated which I very much like also. But the MF A5 was very good overall.
Used prices are pretty reasonable, too. A'gon average price is right at $1,500 right now.
Just tossing this in for consideration.  I had one a while back, simple and well built.  Since you're not looking for bells & whistles but rather straight audio performance I'd at least research this and see if it tics the boxes for you.  Well south of your max budget.  


I would like to caution you on buying Primare equipment.  I bought a Primare stack on Agon, I-22 and CD-22.  Nice equipment, demos for 6 months from a dealer.  I enjoyed the equipment but wanted more power, I called Primare to ask where was my closest dealer.  I was told Syracuse NY and Maryland; I live in mid NJ.  I asked incredulously, "what, you mean you do not have a dealer on the Boston to DC eastern seaboard?"  No was the reply.
I was shocked.
I mulled it over and finally decided to trade them in for a Hegel; I was shocked again at the trade-in prices.  The dealer showed me the blue-book prices, agreed it was good equipment but explained the dealer network is thin and they do not have a large presence in North America.

  I traded them in because they were essentially orphans.  Sound by Singer in NYC is now a Primare dealer.  Caveat emptor.  Best of luck!


Look for a used a Parasound integrated. Their first version which went for $2500 and can be picked up in your price range. 160wpc into 8 ohms and 240wpc into 4 ohms. Also has dedicated sub outs with adjustable crossover point. Remote control too.

+1 for this John Curl designed Parasound Halo Intergrated.
Also it needs to be mentioned it has an ESS Sabre dac inside as well.

Cheers George
The Musical Fidelity mentioned by @creativepart  is indeed good.

And the Exposure 3010S2D should be in your price range.  I've not heard it compared directly to the others mentioned, but it's terrific - dynamic, colorful (in the good sense of that word), generally neutral, and provides a wonderful presentation of pace, rhythm, and musical timing.
And as the owner of a Belles 350A Reference, I'd be shocked if the Belles Aria didn't sound great as well. 
It's a solid state amp/tube preamp integrated, but I'd recommend taking a look at the Vincent SV 237.  You can find them used in your price range and it should have enough juice to power your Tektons, which I believe are pretty efficient?  I'm using mine with Harbeth P3ESR which are small, but not very efficient.  I am using a tube DAC (MHDT Labs Orchid) and almost all of my listening with this system is streaming, mostly Qobuz, but also Tidal.

There are pre-outs that you can use for your subs (I have one connected) and it has a remote.  I wouldn't classify it as "warm" or "cool", but more energetic and dynamic than laid back. 

If you want something "laid back", the Peachtree Nova 300 is nice, but it's Class D, and has a DAC and phono stage.  .