looking for a stand mount speaker to match a s/s int amp.

Hello all  , happy to be back at this hobby.

Just acquired a Classe Cap 151 ( 150 watts at 8 ohms/ 225 at 4 ohms )

( Panasonic DVD-A ,Harmonic Technology Fantasy speaker wire & HT Truth Link I/C)

Looking a used stand mount speaker to match my amp , low volume listening a must .

This system stay in my 12 ' x 15' 1/2 room.

My budget is limited from $500 but can squeeze up to $800/1000

Here a few that  I like but never audition , so I am depending on your honest advise.

1. Nola boxer 2

2. Von Schweikert VR-1

3. Vienna Haydn Grand

4.open ...??

  A good sounding n musical speaker  can be driven with  my cap 151 & tube integrated amp

 in the near future. I listened below 9' 0 clock or 1/2 from zero , mostly at night time.

I thank you all in advance. pescolar


Here a few that I like but never audition , so I am depending on your honest advise.

1. Nola boxer 2

2. Von Schweikert VR-1

3. Vienna Haydn Grand

4.open ...??

I pick No. 4, Open. 

But seriously, why don't you attempt to audition the speakers on your list?  As well as some others too?  If you cannot, then go hear some other brands that have similar design, specs and drivers to start to get an idea of what sounds best to you.  Not us!   Also, rest assured that your Classe amp will drive anyone of them with no worries.

Speakers are the most subjective component of all.  They all sound different and we all hear different.   You must hear some on your own.  That is my honest advice

What have you actually heard that you like? What did you like about them?
First of all I listened a lot soft rock and jazz.
Tube integrated amp ..next purchase after speaker.
I never heard any one of them yet. Thru reading reviews only.
You guys are right, I should go audition especially the Nola Boxer 2.
Yes ,I will go to the nearest dealer here in SF,Ca. soon.

Btw, are there any Classe Cap 151 owner's here at Audiogon ? and what speaker mostly they match?

meerzistar104 posts04-27-2016 1:48amTypically the more efficient a speaker is the more listenable and enjoyable it will become at lower volumes.

My experience is contrary: 
More efficient and sensitive speaker is susceptible to equipment imperfections and may reveal idle noise. 
Classe amp is powerful enough to factor out speaker efficiency. It's the amp/preamp ability to deliver undistorted signal at quiet listening volume levels which I'm sure in Classe equipment very well designed.
The ideal monitor speaker I'd choose Totem Model 1 used.

Good sounding and musical could mean many different things to many different people. More specifics would be helpful in making better recommendations for you. That said, Silverline Minuets are widely well regarded and in your price range, and they should be available in the SF area to demo. Try to arrange an in-home audition if at all possible. Best of luck.