Looking for pre with 2 volume controls.

Hello folks.I have 2 different mono amps so I'm looking to be able to adjust volume levels.I think Lamm,First Sound are workable but any others you can think of?Thanks for your time,Bob
Croft Acoustics. Hand-made, point-to-point wiring, all tube. I had one years ago. I found it to be a sweet pre and relatively reasonably priced.
If looking used, the Quicksilver Full Function Preamp has dual volume controls.

A preamp with 2 volume controls will be one left and one right, so my question is why are you using "2 different mono amps?"
Why not also consider a preamp having a balance control, which would broaden your choices considerably, as well as being more convenient to use?

-- Al
Aesthetix Callisto has two discrete volume controls and is one of the best sounding preamps made.
Ralph Karsten puts channel trim controls in his Atma-Sphere pre-amps, with a master volume knob as well. I think they will allow you to do what you want.
Jadis JP80 and 200, and JPS2. Very expensive, though. As Al mentioned, you could accomplish the same thing with a balance control (which is becoming less and less common these days, it seems).

I'm also curious about the two different mono amps.

Thanks Rcprince, finally, someone else questions the use of 2 different mono amps.
"I have 2 different mono amps..."
Perhaps you should consider getting matching amplification for each channel instead?
Lamm preamps use dual volume controls if you're looking for a tubed linestage.
Maybe I'm a little slow. I understand having two different stereo amps if you are powering say the upper panels of speakers (such as martin logan speakers) and the woofers are powered by a different stereo amp. If the power levels of the amps are "matched" and an electronic crossover is used to "balance" the high and low signals.

That way, one did not need the same amps.

But if one amp will power one speaker entirely and the other "different" amp will power the other speaker, I can't see how they will ultimately sound different. Right and left will be different.

I would love to hear the logic from a dealer/sales person that recommended two different mono amps.

I really think I'm missing something here.

But if I'm not, if your existing pre-amp is a good one, I would keep it and get a matching amp (if you like the sound) instead.

in any case, enjoy
"I would love to hear the logic from a dealer/sales person that recommended two different mono amps.

I really think I'm missing something here."

Maybe the OP is trying to integrate a center channel into an existing system.
I've used Croft Acoustics preamps since 1987 with the two volume knobs. I guess the logic is a cleaner signal path by giving up the balance pot.
I have no problem using them.
My Mapletree Audio Linestage has individual channel gains with a single volume control. Excellent application as it allows me to set each channel gain perfectly based on room shape and contents, then control the volume overall. Best of both worlds!
If your system is passive preamp friendly I think Music First Audio has a new preamp with dual volume control, the Baby Reference V2 or something.