Looking for speaker advice-$10-20k

I'm upgrading speakers and am soliciting opinions. 16x27 ft room, Anthem STR Integrated. Mostly Jazz, accoustic, country, classic rock. No electronic. Looking at Sonus Fabre Nova III or V, Paradigm Persona 5F, Magico A3, Dynaudio 660i, Focal Kanta 3 or Sopra 2 or Totem Wind. I've heard the Totems, will hear others this weekend, but would appreciate informed opinions. I need the support of a good dealer, so used not really an option. That also kind of limits brand choice-not comfortable ordering online and trusting my (nonexistent) skills when things go wrong.

You're doing it right. Listen to speakers you like and maybe have an in home trial. We can't really help if we don't know what traits you favor. 

Bob (gdnrbob) has hit the nail on the head.

Since you have stated you want to buy your next speakers brand new, (or buy demo speakers, if you want to save a few bucks),  you will therefore be buying them from an audio dealer.  So, you really need to go to the closest city with a few audio dealers, so you can make a day of it listening to various speakers.

I recommend that you make appointments with as many dealers as you can, so that way, they are ready for you when you come in.  And don't forget to take your favorite media (Records, CDs, etc.), with you to use for auditioning the speakers.  (BTW, if you're into vinyl, make sure they have turntables setup for auditioning - some don't.)   Figure on a couple hours at each audio salon, with an hour or two between dealers, to give you and your ears a rest.  (If you start early in the day, you can probably get in three salons.)

Good Luck in your search!!!

Good list. You’ll know it when you hear it. You’ll know which one is right for you
You may visit the dealer who sold you the Anthem STR Integrated.
He could offer you some speaker listenig sessions  with an Anthem STR Integrated.
As a known client , he could give you a good price.