Looking for speaker advice-$10-20k

I'm upgrading speakers and am soliciting opinions. 16x27 ft room, Anthem STR Integrated. Mostly Jazz, accoustic, country, classic rock. No electronic. Looking at Sonus Fabre Nova III or V, Paradigm Persona 5F, Magico A3, Dynaudio 660i, Focal Kanta 3 or Sopra 2 or Totem Wind. I've heard the Totems, will hear others this weekend, but would appreciate informed opinions. I need the support of a good dealer, so used not really an option. That also kind of limits brand choice-not comfortable ordering online and trusting my (nonexistent) skills when things go wrong.

You're doing it right. Listen to speakers you like and maybe have an in home trial. We can't really help if we don't know what traits you favor. 

Bob (gdnrbob) has hit the nail on the head.

Since you have stated you want to buy your next speakers brand new, (or buy demo speakers, if you want to save a few bucks),  you will therefore be buying them from an audio dealer.  So, you really need to go to the closest city with a few audio dealers, so you can make a day of it listening to various speakers.

I recommend that you make appointments with as many dealers as you can, so that way, they are ready for you when you come in.  And don't forget to take your favorite media (Records, CDs, etc.), with you to use for auditioning the speakers.  (BTW, if you're into vinyl, make sure they have turntables setup for auditioning - some don't.)   Figure on a couple hours at each audio salon, with an hour or two between dealers, to give you and your ears a rest.  (If you start early in the day, you can probably get in three salons.)

Good Luck in your search!!!

Good list. You’ll know it when you hear it. You’ll know which one is right for you
You may visit the dealer who sold you the Anthem STR Integrated.
He could offer you some speaker listenig sessions  with an Anthem STR Integrated.
As a known client , he could give you a good price.
I’ve heard Klipsch Heresy IV off that Anthem amp. Very nice! How about larger Klipsch?  Cornwall perhaps? I’d like to hear that.
The only speakers I have heard on your list are the Totem Wind and the Olympica III. I like the Olympica a good bit better. The demos were too far apart for me to give detailed comments but I feel the nova is as good as anything in its price range. 
I would add the Wilson Sabrina to the list. Similar sound but a bit more leading edge in the bass. 
Last month I auditioned and bought speakers, and have an additional suggestion, perhaps obvious, but easy to overlook.  When you make appointments with the dealers, ask them to hook up the speakers that interest you to an amp that is similar to the amp you own.  Or just bring your own amp.  The source components for auditioning should also be as similar as practicable to those you own/use.
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What kind of sound and speaker characteristics are most important to you?
Great list there.  Vimberg Mino is great, but good luck finding a set for $20k or less.  Magico A3 is also excellent.  I think I'm leaning A3 at this point.  As to Focal, I think I'd take Sopra 2 over Kanta 3. Persona 5F has excellent clarity and soundstage, but will tell you all about an overly bright recording.  Heard the new SF Nova towers at RMAF and they sounded great, with impressive bass slam for the size of the drivers.  Also, for your genres, look at Audio Solutions Figaro L, which is a lot of speaker for $10k.  Audio Solutions also has Virtuoso S, which is even better, at the top of your price range.  I heard Virtuoso M at RMAF, which was very impressive with full symphony. 
Nice list, I’d add some Revels too (f228 be to start with). I recently listened to the Focal Sopra 2s and Sonus Faber Olympica Nova I (bookshelf speakers not the towers, they had sold all the Towers) at the same dealer but different rooms/rigs. The Focal’s had so much detail in the higher frequencies that it was hard to stop staring at those Beryllium tweeters. I’m not sure if it was in a good way or not yet. I’m going to go back again and spend some more time with them. They were powered with a Huge Mac tube amp, I had them swap in a solid state amp since I am running a Parasound JC5. The amp swap didn’t effect the high frequencies as much as I was expecting. I listened to everything from Steely Dan, Eagles, Beatles, and Zepplin, to Mozart and Chopin with some Diana Krall in between. The sizzle on snares was unlike anything I’d heard before. But I couldn’t stop listening to The Sonus Faber Nova I...I fell in love with them. These were just the bookshelf version, but they were quite seductive. Everything was smooth and effortless. The music was just there in front of you. The speakers disappeared. They certainly couldn’t compare to the sopras in most bass/thump/kick drums but mid bass frequencies like upright bass were more impressive than I expected from a bookshelf. I’m searching out an audition for the first pair of Nova III and 5’s that I can. I think I’m on the hunt for the first used pair of Nova 5s I can find. But who knows when that will be...I have a line on a great used pair of Sopra 2s, so I’ve got more time behind these speakers before I can justify laying down that kind of cheddar.
Yamaha Soavo pair are nice!

  Odyssey speakers.  
    Martin Logan 

       Salk !
I always find that hard to answer because I'm not sure the usual terms are all that meaningful. I'm looking for clarity, detail, maybe a very slight touch of warmth. My music is not bass heavy, so not looking for overwhelming bass. More toward clear, musical vocals and detailed highs.
+1 For Revel Studio 2's.  Not too bright (Persona), not too laid back (SF).
I went on a four day 4 dealer listening spree, Auditioning these as well as KEF and others.  I do not regret buying the Revels.  Good luck, and yes you will know it when your hear them.  And yes, different electronics make a HUGE difference.  I was auditioning the KEF's when the dealer swapped in a high end DAC and Preamp, and I thought they were different speakers!  Have fun!  Ken
I would take the focal Sopra (2 or 3 based upon room size) over any other speaker up to about $50k. They are magic. I’ve auditioned many many dozens, or more, at this point. Magicos are also very good, but more sterile (some may prefer) than the Focals. More like studio monitors than speakers for grooving. 
SoundLabs 545s, you order them directly from SoundLabs. They are a new smaller version 24"wide and 5 feet tall. They have reviewed very well as all Sound Labs speakers do. Once you are into ESLs you will never look back. Of the speakers you looked at I like the Sonus Fabers the best followed by the Magicos but neither speaker can hold a candle to the Sound Labs. With the addition of subwoofers they will actually go louder and hit harder than any of the speakers you have mentioned never mind the superior imaging and detail retrieval. 
For your taste in music, I would look seriously at the Vivid Kaya 45s and they are spot on budget at $18K.  There is a lot of tech that goes into Vivid and I think they are technically one of the best speakers in the world.  They look a little different, but there is a reason for that.  

I will admit that I am a Vivid dealer, but you will have to search to find someone who criticizes Vivids sound.  I am picking up my demos of the Kaya 45s next week.  
You say local dealer support is important, but don't say where you are located.
So we can't recommend brands for which you don't have a dealer.
Should we assume that your local dealer(s) [only] carry Focal, Dynaudio, Magico, Sonus Faber, Paradigm, and Totem?  
I would check first the stable mates Paradigm Personas and then check for others.
Possibility in matching is greater.


If you can and given what you’re looking for, take a listen to the Joseph Audio Perspective 2 — excellent blend of detail and musicality with outstanding imaging and soundstage capabilities.  Also nice looking and not too big.  Sonus Faber and ProAc also very good choices.  Best of luck. 
After 50 years at this hobby, I accidentally found my best
speakers ever.  My room is 17 by 24 feet.

Revel Ultima2 Salon 2.
They do it all. Fantastic bass from the 3 eight inch woofers per side.
Highs are detailed, but never bright. Cymbals sound fantastic. Great 
driver (6) integration. Great soundstage and imaging. 
I'm Done. 
Lots of great suggestions here. You may also wish to consider Harbeth M40.3, and various larger Spendors (S-100, S-200, D9, D7) and corresponding Graham models.   
Lots of good suggestions already. I would also consider wilson sabrinas/sabrina x in that price range. very happy with mine, enjoy the quest!
Where are you Miller?   Taking Easter off?

Hope you're OK, we'd miss you here and all the Tekton plugs.
I liked both Sopra 2 and Kanta 3 when I heard them but it was not at the same time. Would probably go for Sopra if I could afford them. You hear a lot of details.

I also thought Audio Solutions Figaro M were really good for their price and has read great reviews of the L.
@kerrybh where are you located...where can you demo? 

Love the Soundlab idea. Your description does sound like electrostatics may be a good option. Have you listened to any?

Anyone heard that Anthem amp drive electostatics? Cheers,
I'm in central Kentucky. Had a chance to listen to Magico A3, Sonus Faber Nova 3 and Serafino and Paradigm Persona 5. Loved them all, probably eliminated Magico only because they didn't seem great off-axis-pretty finicky. Also could get a great deal on BW 802D.
Thinking about amplification and looking at Mc MA8900 and Michi separates.
Greatly appreciate the advice.
Hi Kerry,
I just checked the output of your Anthem STR. Wow, great!
You absolutely have enough power for Soundlabs. If you don’t mind the physicality and size, they are, by far, the best way to go. I believe the best ESL out there. And unless you are a bass freak you don’t really need subs. The STR is very cool. Love the look and functionality. With Soundlabs, you will have a fantastic system!
New Borresen Z Series is in your price range and now you can get them with Cryo-treated speaker drivers !  Game Changer ? 

 If you like Horn speakers the Viking Acoustics Berlin R might be one of the best in the world !
give us some personal priorities and room dimensions. I found speakers that excel at specific things would dictate the type of music I play. Revealing speakers would have me playing jazz all night while making my 70's rock difficult to enjoy. what are your priorities?