Looking into speaker upgrade/change?

Got it narrowed down to these three: 1. Audio Physic Classic 30  2.Revel F208  3.Aerial 6T. Room is 18X19. Listen to all kinds of music.Clayton Audio S40 amp. Marantz source, no vinyl.
Any advise from those who have actually heard these would be appreciated.

BTW, it's been a while since posting. Staying home has got me restless!
Just a suggestion I'd look at the Aerial 5T w/a JL Audio E-110 sub. I couldn't afford the E series but I have the D-110 w/my 5T's and it makes an excellent combo.

2  Yes, the Clayton is really more like 80 watts.Pure class A. It's impressive. But they are not what my Pass X250.8 is either. The Clayton just sounds so good. I don't listen above 86 db anyway. This can depend on if Bourbon was some how involved! 
The reason for my OP came up because I've sold most all my speakers that are worth enough for the trouble. Looking something new. I remembered what I had in my shoppe the last 10 Years? An old pair of B&W 802 series 80,I think, They're black and a little beat up, but nothing that a good paint job can't fix. Brought them in the house and hooked them to the big rig. I couldn't believe how good they still sounded. That was 5 months ago.Fast forward and now I remember what I didn't like. I just can't get that yellow mid-range driver to tame down a little.So I'm looking for a more natural sound. The Focal Aria 948 was on my list but
I've never warmed up to any of there lines. Trying to stay $6K or under. Used is fine, prefer used or great deal on demo. Sonus Faber Olympica III is a contender as well but much more money than the before mentioned. Sonus has always sounded slow and too soft to me. Keep in mind that I've not heard any of these. I know that a lot of these designs are new and improved. Plus, some house sounds I'm sure have changed/evolved.


tvad  The 7Bs needed power! I had a spectron musician III hooked to them and they sounded great. Just a little lite in the bass for my taste.
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Well, I don’t have the Classic 30 but I do have the Tempo Plus. I’m about 20 miles from the AP distributor and bought them from them. I went with the Tempos as they are better in a music only system. The Classic series was made to fit better in a hybrid music/home theater system.

 I think the Tempos are fun speakers. They have a nice warm tone and imaging is superb. That said, for the same price my Bache Audio Tribeca 002’s are better in that they are more coherent, have a natural sounding holographic midrange, and are easy to place. The Tempos are more picky with placement. If you are near Brooklyn you should go take a listen.