Looking into speaker upgrade/change?

Got it narrowed down to these three: 1. Audio Physic Classic 30  2.Revel F208  3.Aerial 6T. Room is 18X19. Listen to all kinds of music.Clayton Audio S40 amp. Marantz source, no vinyl.
Any advise from those who have actually heard these would be appreciated.

BTW, it's been a while since posting. Staying home has got me restless!
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Haven't heard any of them. Have owned Audio Physics Scorpios and loved them. They were just a little bass shy. Also owned a pair of Aerial 7Bs and loved them as well. They too were a little lite in the bass. Amps have always been class A ,Pass, BEL, Accuphase. The Clayton I have now is an upgraded older model to the latest specs.It's the best amp I've ever owned and I've owned a lot.
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I heard the Arial 6t at AXPONA 2019 with the Aesthetix Mimas integrated. It was one of my best-sounding rooms in the show. Not the most bombastic or overwhelming; just one of the most musical and involving.

I had the Aerial 7t in my room for an audition; they are wonderful speakers; but you're not asking about them.

Good luck with your decision!

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The Mimas is my favorite integrated at that price point for most speakers.  It's a killer product.  The Clayton is very nice amp especially for the cost.  It seems to have plenty of drive to run most speakers.  In the 7k down price range you have a lot of speaker choices.  Are you set on these three base on listen?  What have you heard that you decided not to put in your final 3?.
I haven't heard any but the revels.

My advice is consider placement, and size.  I know the Revel's for instance have wide dispersion, they like room to the sides, but will reward you with a stable stereo image almost anywhere in the room.
Just a suggestion I'd look at the Aerial 5T w/a JL Audio E-110 sub. I couldn't afford the E series but I have the D-110 w/my 5T's and it makes an excellent combo.

2  Yes, the Clayton is really more like 80 watts.Pure class A. It's impressive. But they are not what my Pass X250.8 is either. The Clayton just sounds so good. I don't listen above 86 db anyway. This can depend on if Bourbon was some how involved! 
The reason for my OP came up because I've sold most all my speakers that are worth enough for the trouble. Looking something new. I remembered what I had in my shoppe the last 10 Years? An old pair of B&W 802 series 80,I think, They're black and a little beat up, but nothing that a good paint job can't fix. Brought them in the house and hooked them to the big rig. I couldn't believe how good they still sounded. That was 5 months ago.Fast forward and now I remember what I didn't like. I just can't get that yellow mid-range driver to tame down a little.So I'm looking for a more natural sound. The Focal Aria 948 was on my list but
I've never warmed up to any of there lines. Trying to stay $6K or under. Used is fine, prefer used or great deal on demo. Sonus Faber Olympica III is a contender as well but much more money than the before mentioned. Sonus has always sounded slow and too soft to me. Keep in mind that I've not heard any of these. I know that a lot of these designs are new and improved. Plus, some house sounds I'm sure have changed/evolved.


tvad  The 7Bs needed power! I had a spectron musician III hooked to them and they sounded great. Just a little lite in the bass for my taste.
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Well, I don’t have the Classic 30 but I do have the Tempo Plus. I’m about 20 miles from the AP distributor and bought them from them. I went with the Tempos as they are better in a music only system. The Classic series was made to fit better in a hybrid music/home theater system.

 I think the Tempos are fun speakers. They have a nice warm tone and imaging is superb. That said, for the same price my Bache Audio Tribeca 002’s are better in that they are more coherent, have a natural sounding holographic midrange, and are easy to place. The Tempos are more picky with placement. If you are near Brooklyn you should go take a listen.
Great amp!  Clayton doesn’t get near enough attention IMHO.  Anyway, my tastes agree with yours on all the speakers you mentioned.  If that means anything, there’s a nice pair of Usher CL- 8571 lls for sale here now with the upgraded diamond tweeter for $3400 that are insanely good and ridiculous at that price.  Usher is another standout that flies under the radar here for whatever reason.  If they don’t work for you, there are Joseph Audio Perspectives (original model) that can be had near $6k that are also awesome with a smaller footprint, and you can get them upgraded to the Graphine version if you ever feel like it.  Given your amp and tastes these may be worth a good look.  Best of luck. 
I can't make a comparison to the other speakers listed but I love my Revel F208's. My Arcam SR250 doesn't seem to have any problems powering them for what it's worth. 
I love my Aerial’s but if you don’t have a big amp don’t bother as they will not come alive. My 7B’s have plenty of bottom end but it took me sometime to dial them into my room with the right cables, dedicated circuits, room treatment and etc. I know the 6T is a friendlier load than the 7B but with your amp I’d look at others on your list first.

I have listened to the Revel F208’s at local shop and those are wonderful speakers. Can’t speak for the AP but have read great things over the years on them. 
Find a used pair of Vandersteen Model 5As.  Got mine in really great condition for $6000 a year ago.  All the bass you will need plus adjustable 11 band EQ and other adjustments.  I rebuilt a Luxkit Class A amp and it drives them easily and the sound is amazing.  So the amp really drives the mids on up and the subs in each speaker are driven but their own amps,  They are also not so larger that they will not work in smaller rooms.  I am not a Vandersteen fan boy either.  I am always looking for something better but so far I hear differences but nothing to make me change yet and I have yet to have them set-up correctly using the Vandersteen manual and test tones.  Maybe latter this year!

If you are a phile located person I am in Northern NJ come by for a listen, meet some great people, and I'll serve lunch.  Anyone in the area or visiting the NYC area is welcome.

Happy Listening.
Good evening all, had a chance over the weekend to get a pair of the Aerial 6T and the Revel f208 s. Got to listen to them both in my room with my stuff. Both of these speakers sounded great with my Pass X250.8 but the Clayton couldn't quite get them singing.
Another contender has entered the ring and that's the PSB Imagine T3s. So, It's between the APs or the PSBs. Will not be able to hear either of these so,any words on the PSBs?
BTW, I want to thank all who have contributed to my search.
I would use Music Direct...60 or 90 day trial period!  Also, be bold and put some freaking life into your system.  Try Klipsch or JBL....my 4429’s are more satisfying than my B&W 802D2’s were or my WILSON Sophia 2’s.  They are dynamic as hell, truthful in tone, soundstage like crazy and have a gorgeously buttery smooth warm full midrange!  You can also tune upper mid and ultra high frequencies.  Put on Coltrane or Jackson Browne live and you are there baby 🍼 
Between those two I’d probably go with the Classic 30s mostly because of AP’s 3D imaging prowess that I think would pair well with your amps.  But frankly, at that price level I’d choose the Joseph Audio Profiles over either as you’re getting the lion’s share of the Perspective’s performance at a huge discount.  Best of luck in whatever you choose. 
I"m a Vandersteen guy and would always tell folks to put them on your short list. There is a reason that Vandersteen has been so successful, even while not advertising as much as Wilson, B&W and others.  

They are your ears in your room.  Glad you got those two in to listen.  It just shows you that system matching is key.  So many on the boards just purchase what folks tell them etc... and never match components.  The Audio Physic's line is all over the place for my ear. Every time I've heard the different models in various stores, they all sound different.  It has a house sound, but not as much as many others have.  There are a lot of companies like that.  Elac is like that.  Often times it's dues to using different designers.  

I'm not sure what's going on with Revel.  A friend has had the line since their inception, but he hasn't sold a pair in a couple of years.  He has their newest speaker and hasn't been able to move it and doesn't know what's up with the company.  I have always enjoyed them when driven with higher end gear.  I'm sure you will make the right decision as long as you keep bringing them in to audition.  

If I was in your situation, I'd try to get a pair of used Vandersteen Treo's or even Model 5's as well as getting a pair of 3's new.  I love the 3's as they play loudly, but also with plenty of finesse.  They won't be as resolving as Treo's on up, but are a great value in their price range and why they have been such a great seller for 30 or so year (as they keep getting upgraded, meaning their original design was that good that you can just keep upgrading all components and getting better and better sound).  

Few others can make that statement at this price point.  You are doing the right thing in getting speakers into your room.  Wish you luck.  There are a few that I'm sure you will love with your Clayton amp that you love.
What I can say confidently, based on my long history of owning many speakers with various high end components, is that Klipsch and JBL (other horn speakers) bring a much needed sense of excitement and life to music.  
If you don’t have a problem with used Dynaudio C60 lists $10k. I heard them with 6 figure components so it is possible anything would have sounded great. I like dynamics, resolution and sound stage full range. If I stayed with passive speakers I would have kept my usher be20 dmd’s. I went through a bunch and these guys were the most natural over the most music. As much as I like my hegel I gave up And went dsp.
I agree with @adg101; I own the Aerial Model 7s (the original series) and it requires at the very *minimum* 100W/channel. I heard competent drive from BAT tube amps (60W), however it was in a fairly small room.

I suggest either getting a more powerful amp that can really dump current or try the others (I listened to some Audio Physic speakers long ago - they were very nice.)

Good Luck!
I auditioned both the Aerial 6t and 7t and bought the 7t's because i found the bass extension better than  the 6t--however, i was listening to them in a room larger than the one in my home--a very good room--i couldn't be happier but would note that at least wrt the 7t, Aerial says the sensitivity is 90dB but according to measurements from reviewers it's more like 86-87 and they do need adequate amplification as many have already said.  Does your budget preclude looking at the 7t ? Your room size is asking for it.  I've never had to use subs-- I think the 6t's cost significantly more than the F208's but having heard both, imo the 6t's are also much better.