Low level listening

I am interested in everybody's thoughts on speakers on low level listening. Currently I have Tekton Lore's. They are the upgraded model and I like them, but they open to most of the time at a higher volume then I'm comfortable with. Smart me had to much fun listening to live music. " tinnitus".  I have ordered Magnapan LRS+ which I auditioned at my home which seemed more articulate at lower volumes. Any other ideas would be appreciated. Speakers or cures ? Just kidding about cures. 


I was going thru the same thing with my KEF Blades, They were uninvolving until I started pushing to 90db and above, but for me the magic happens at softer volumes. I swapped my Hegel H590(the Beast) for a pair of Mc611's and was amazed at how much the blades opened up at low volumes with less than a watt running thru them? go figured.

For example class D amplifiers tend to require higher volumes to come alive in the bass regardless of speakers.  

Not really found this to be true.  What specific class D amps was this?

Large horns can be ideal low-level loudspeakers why I use them in my office system.


I'm finding this to be true as well. I recently switched out some bookshelf speakers for big horn tweeters in my system. We're talking 800Hz and up. The narrower dispersion on the horns had a surprising effect of making the room sound more lively and airy than the wider dispersion speakers, and this worked very well towards low level listening. I was amazed at how enjoyable and dynamic the sound continued to be at very low levels. I think it's something to do with direct to reflected ratio being high while maintaining a relatively long reverb tail in the room.