Luxman m900u vs luxman 10x

Has anyone here had a chance to compare these two amps?

if so, is the new M-10x considerably better then the m900u? If so, In which way?
Nothing here in northern Mn to audition

Thanks for any info.



I have heard both, but not head-to-head. The 900U was good but lacking in the bass. The M10X is stellar from the top down with a beautiful, slightly warm midrange. If I were to purchase one, it would be the M10X

Owned both. 900U and M10x are similar sonically with the M10x having better detail and tighter bass. One thing though, both share a very polished sound that can boarder on fatiguing on the wrong speaker. A more forgiving speaker with less upper frequency energy would work best. These amps work well will an Audio Research preamp for what ever reason.

Although I have not compared I admire the M10-x. I paired it with a Bel Canto Pre 5 and Martin Logan Renaissance 15a speakers. The speakers have a 500watt digital amp powering dual 12” woofers. So the amp runs the planar portion or mid range and highs. The highs are very clear, Not tinny. The mid range smooth. Piano and sax are very warm clear and defined. The soundstage is wide and placement of instruments obvious. When a solo appears the instrument is in the forefront. I replaced the BC pre with a Pine Tree Audio passive pre and I prefer the sound this way which I assume is more revealing of the amp.  The Luxman C-10x pre is on its way. Very excited. I use P.Audio and cannot say enough about their knowledge and prices.

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