Luxman MT-88 Step up transformer pairing

I was hoping for some insight as for the life of me have not been able to find any reviews or comparisons of the Luxman MT-88 SUT.

2 questions:
Do I need one (an SUT)
If so is the MT-88 a good pairing for the L-505ux and Clearaudio "Concept MC" cartridge?

Any help would be so greatly appreciated for this newbie.

Integrated amp = Luxman L-505ux
SPECS-Input Sensitivity / ImpedancePhono (MM): 2.5mV / 47KΩ, PHONO (MC): 0.3mV / 100Ω, LINE: 180mV / 47KΩ
S/N ratio (IHF-A)PHONO (MM): 91dB or more PHONO (MC): 75dB or more.
From reviews: "The MM input has approx. 35dB of gain. While the MC input has 55dB of gain We recommend MC cartridges with an output >.7mV. Lower than that you might consider using the MT-88 moving coil step-up transformer."

My cartridge = Clearaudio Concept MC (
  • Cartridge weight: 8.0 gram
  • Stylus shape: Micro Line
  • Cantilever: Boron
  • Coil material: OFC - copper
  • Compliance: 9/9 µ/mN
  • Recommended tracking force: 2.0 gram (+/- 0.2 gram)
  • Crosstalk: > 30 dB
  • Channel difference: < 0.5 dB
  • Output voltage: 0.42 mV at 5 cm/s
  • Cartridge Impedance: 11 Ohms
  • Cartridge body: Aluminium-Magnesium alloy with ceramic surface layer
  • From a reviewer of the Concept on hifishark says ""The recommended cart loading is 100ohms however; I did try 121 and 150ohms on a Phonomena II. I found that on my system, the 150ohm loading was quite optimal; at least in initial sessions.

    Your cartridge will be fine into the MC input on your Luxman integrated. No need for a SUT.
    Hi Wado!

    This is something you can tell for yourself in the output levels and noise.

    If you feel you have to turn up the volume too much, or are hearing too much noise at the right level, that's where a step up transformer will help.

    Of course, proper matching according to recommended data is important, but that's the effect of having too low output for your gear.
    Dear @wado: Agree with @jperry : You don't need SUT for your cartridge.

    That review is totally wrong. The sensitivity manufacturer specification for MC cartridges you can read here and you can play even with lower output cartridges than your Clearaudio:

    Input Sensitivity / ImpedancePhono (MM): 2.5mV / 47KΩ, PHONO (MC): 0.3mV / 100Ω.

    Thank you all very much for your input and time. and especially to help out a newbie like me.
    I also just received a response from Luxman on FB that says "The 505uXII MC phono section is set up for 100 Ohms loading... so, this is a precise match to what Clearaudio recommends."

    Learning every day here on Audiogon!